20 March 2009

The Friday Belt: A Rob Roy Spur

Suede Spur Belt

The Spur belt has been around donkey years, yeah. A few years ago someone working at RL discovered them and began knocking 'em off. Getting a small fortune for them as well. You can find the belt at any tack shop for $40 or so. RL Polo was up around $140 or so. They're in the outlets now selling for spit.

Going back to the last two posts - - I think the spur belt ties it all together. Equestrian echoes are everywhere: Tattersal shirt, Fox & Horn tie, cavalry twills, spur belt...Ok, the blazer buttons are somewhat ajar but they're personal. Besides, no one ever notices them. And they shouldn't notice the belt. Hidden by the sweater vest - - the belt is where it belongs. Besides, I hate matching suede shoes to suede belts. I almost always go to the Regimental / Surcingle belt when I wear reverse calf (Brit for suede). Something about it being slap - dash.

I like to call this drink, The Suede Rob Roy. You could call it The Reverse Calf Rob Roy but that doesn't really work does it?

The Suede Rob Roy

Whenever I hear a man order a single malt on the rocks --I cringe. Usually it's the kind'a guy who orders a dry aged steak well done and drives a Corvette. He probably owns a fur coat as well. Shame on me then for mixing Laphroaig with sweet vermouth. But you know what? It works.

Here's Gary Regan making his special version of the Rob Roy. I love this video. Gary lived above a bar growing up and you can't help but appreiciate how the guy moves and kind'a shakes. I use Gary's own orange bitters pictured above but he likes Peychaud's. Otherwise, I make mine just like Gary.


Anonymous said...

Corvettes a faux pas?

What's wrong with Corvettes?

Anonymous said...

Shoulda ben a midnight cowboy
Coulda learnta mix a mean Rob Roy
Mosyin up Fid Avenue
Jus like metro cowpokes do
Breakin' Mad Av twinkies' hearts
Witha musk a ma manly chile farts
Shoulda ben a midnigh cowboy

Shoulda ben a midnigh cowboy
Wearin' my roughout shods like Roy
Underground train I'd learn ta ride
Stradlin a saddle a real naugahide
Campin nites in the Sheep Meadow
Gazin at stars frum down below
Shoulda ben a midnigh cowboy

Go nawth man, ain't chew ben told
Nu Yawk's fulla whisky, women, gold
Strappin my Glock ona booty call
Hopen I don't get mugged, y'all
But jus like Ratso n Joe Buck
Looks lak I'm down on my luck
Shoulda ben a midnigh cowboy

Shoulda ben a midnigh cowboy
Learnta hail a yeller cab ride
Coulda roomed on Riverside Drive
Stealin young tarts' hearts
Jus like Seigfried and Roy
Singin those fernbar songs
Shoulda ben a midnigh cowboy

(Thank yuuuuu. Be here all week at the Hooterville Opry.)

thestyleadvisor said...

Sounds good, going to have to give it a try!

I agree with you about corvettes there is just something, compensational (is that a word?) about them.

Anonymous said...

You know, Tintin, I'm really starting to appreciate your point-and-shoot photography. That gauzy shot of the spur belt was so "scotch-like" with its rich caramel tones it made my mouth water...for a Rob Roy, that is. Or failing that, perhaps a Heath Bar?


Anonymous said...

Is there a "look at me" anything that can't be viewed as compensating for something?

Suppose you drove a 1968 Mercedes Benz 280SL out to the club? Could not the same thing be said?

May one not enjoy a cool car for the cool car's sake?

The Corvette is a production line sports car. More bang for the buck in a 'Vette than anywhere else.

Unless that is bad, of course.

Tone Loki said...

Great choice again on the cocktail front - Punt E Mes is a criminally underrated ingredient...

DCB said...

Is it just me, or is Gary the Keith Richards of bartending?

tintin said...

Anon 20 March-
I don't like Corvettes. Never have. Never will. A not very subtle design that comes across...how do I say it? Well, there's a saying in London, "Wide Boy." That nails it.

Anon 21 March-
Please don't tempt me and copyright that asap.

Style Advisor- I like that but I like Wide Boy better.

DB- Heath Bars?! My favorite growing up.

Anon- 23 March
I hear what you're saying and cars are loaded with associations. Hence, a 'Vette says a lot about it's owner. Maybe more than what they want said. Having said that, I dated a gal in the army who was the proud owner of a Vette and the longest tounge I've ever had the pleasure to know.

Tony- That label is amazing as well.

DCB- Gary is something of a legend and his bartending book is a hoot.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

I'm with you on the suede belt thing. I've got several and never seem to choose them when I pull on the reverse calfs. I tend to grab a croc belt, I like the texture play better with the cords, tweeds or twills.