03 April 2009

The Friday Belt- Hermes & Rye

Hermes Belt and Old Overholt Rye

Mistakes? I've made a few. Old Overholt is a cheap rye whiskey (made from rye - not corn) whose acquaintance I made in the Army. The Class 6 store on post sold this stuff for spit and for what it is - - it ain't bad. What I did with it... was bad. The Boilermaker. Sounds good in front of a bunch GIs at the bar in the XVIII Airborne Corps NCO Club. "Shot of Overholt and a draft, please." You get the respected nod from the bartender and the 1st Sergeant a couple stools down thinks you're older than you look. Only one warning. Do not get over served. It produces the hangover from Hell.

The Hermes Belt is a nice contrast to Old Overholdt. I may be the first to associate the two together...and for that I'm very proud. A very expensive way to hold up your trousers and it's sure to leave you with a hangover as well. Actually, more monetary regret than hangover but you get the idea. A beautiful and well made belt - - for women. Just my opinion. Maybe it'll change but I doubt it. A little too affected for men in my book. But I love it on women and see it often in NYC...jeans with a husky coat and Belgian loafers. Very Trad. Wouldn't it be interesting to get the man who wears an Hermes belt together with the woman who drinks Old Overholt...


longwing said...

Trad, Do you buy a new bottle of booze every week or do you already have a very well stocked bar?

John Patrick George said...

Excellent post.

I was wondering if you could steer me in the direction of a good rye for my taste.

For background on my whiskey journey:
I'm not a fan of bourbon, and I haven't met and Irish whiskey I haven't loved. I prefer Canadian Mist to Canadian Club, Crown Royal to VO, Glenlivit to DeWars. At this point, I'd have to consider 7 Crown to me my go to brand.

But I'm a Pennsylvania native with a George Washington fascination and I'm long overdue for a good American Rye. What do you think? Hirsch, Pikesville, Rittenhouse, Van Winkle, or should I start with Overholt on the cheap and take it from there?

Blushing hostess said...

Agreed on the belt for women and not men though, I am not a fan ov overt logos and so I waffle on whether anyone should do it. But if you have to, it should be Hermes. On the rye... it can be so refined and old school, even Ol' O. My Grandfather drank rye and ginger and smoked shamelessly. How I miss him and his unapologetic trad Brit masculinity... Be well, The Hostess

tintin said...

Longwing- Both. Am in PA this morning trying to track down a hard to find beer. The work never ends

John- try old o and see if you like it before spending beau coups then watch this blog for the king of rye.

Blushing- your grandfather is my new hero.

Tucker said...


Rye was probably meant to be cheap, but I'm partial to the Sazerac 18.

Anonymous said...

New to the blog but laughed and cried while drowning in your previous posts - though much younger I'm for the 3% - I wouldn't be caught dead without my pearl earrings and necklace (though I have diamond studs - the pearls are just so much more becoming).

As for when did the switch in clothing happen, maybe I could assist in your search. Oddly enough, it is my hairdresser (a mature gentleman) who insists that everything changed when Vidal Sassoon brought about blow drying hair bringing about a much more casual hairstyle & yes, clothing as well. Prior to this, women had 'hairdos' which required more maintenance and tailored clothes. Apparently, the use or lack thereof, of an iron also contributed to the change. In any event, my 4 year twins dress everyday for school the same way I did some 40 years ago and now they're considered 'overdressed.' Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

Anonymous said...

US30 > PA931 n. jg

Tin-tin's phred /dad said...

(YMCS) You Must Consider the Source!
I'm a bit skeptical on Tin's review of Rye. Way back when, when Tin got married, I presented him with a bottle of a most-highly-regarded Rye my Dad had given me to celebrate Tin's birth. It was 17 years old when I got it. About 50 years old when Tin got married. I anticipated Dad and Son pouring a shot into Anne's crystal and savoring it with a cigar smoke. To my surprise, Tin picked up the bottle, opened it and took a direct slug from bottle without any comment. ...and so it goes.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

I always check my favorite blogs first thing in the morning. I blame you for the alcoholic bent my Fridays have turned into. I haven't even gotten the kids out of bed for school and I'm ready for a drink - of whatever you're serving.

Giuseppe said...

Back in the days at the liquor store, I made sure we stocked Old Overholt. I ordered it three bottles at a time: one for this cigarette voiced, four tall woman who was about 200 years old, one for me, and an extra just in case somebody cool enough to get it wandered in.

Holly Goes Lightly said...

a few ideas on where you're absolutely certain to meet Hermes-belt-wearing man w/Old-Overholt-drinking woman...
*drinking Sazeracs @ Mardi Gras
*Scott's Atlanta
*Ole Miss tailgates
*Bryant Park/Fashion Week

tintin said...

My apologies for the delay in answering.

Tucker- I refer to the cheaper Sazerac for the Manhattan Belt poster earlier. I can't find the 18 anywhere but have been told Total Wine will be carrying soon. Rittenhouse is still hard to find while Wild Turkey Rye seems to be everywhere. Odd.

Anon- Thank you for your kind words and I like your style. Please come back.

Dad, I mentioned in the earlier Manahattan post the waning whiskey years post army /college. I do remember that bottle and cherished it. The wedding was two days after the bachelor party and Wally was hungover for a month. I think we were all a little cripy around the edges.

Tessa- I'll post the Friday belt after 4PM if it'll help.

Giuseppe- I'm not sure Old Overholt is best for sippin but it mades a dandy cocktail. Believe me and don't listen to my father. He always liked my sister more than me.

Holly- Now that's a diverse list of events but all connected in its beautiful southerness. Cheers.