21 July 2008

Trad TV HBO's Generation Kill

I am amazed they got away with this. Bless HBO. I have not seen anything about the military that hits it like Generation Kill...and from many different angles. With so much crap about the military on television today it really amazes me to see something done right for a change. This is the most authentic military film I've ever seen. And I don't think any one's gonna be able to touch it for a very long time.

Enlisted men have always been treated like mushrooms - - kept in the dark and fed lots of shit - - Generation Kill captures the life of the enlisted man with accuracy and humor. The first episode had a Sergeant Major chewing out a noncom over the length of his moustache while in the background a fellow Marine does the John Cleese - Faulty Tower goosestep. The beauty of that moment is so real and authentic...it made me proud I was enlisted.

We also see the incompetence of officers with a very different game plan from the troops. As Trad Dad told me, "You always know the mission comes first but that doesn't mean you waste men like they were office supplies." Not to mention the waste of civilian lives. A constant theme through each episode.

I was lucky enough to see all seven episodes. Yes, it's confusing. But I can't help but think the producers want you to see it from the embedded reporter's point of view. Chaos. If you really fall for this series the way I did rush out and buy the book, Generation Kill. It'll help you understand the strategy as well as why they bought all those Depends.

What can you say about HBO. While the networks force feed us pablum like The Unit and Army Wives - -it took some real balls for HBO to put this out there. I have no doubt they will loose a lot of money because this country is not ready for Generation Kill. As one Grunt in a voice over put it, "Back home all they care about is who's in People Magazine or can they get a triple latte at Starbucks. Nobody gives a shit about us. Nobody cares." Amen to that. Although, the price of gas seems to be waking up some of us.

For more on the series check out Wally's blog at http://wallacestrobycom.blogspot.com/2008/07/generation-kill.html


Anonymous said...

you are a fascist.

tintin said...

I like to think I'm a well dressed one.

Anonymous said...

no argument there

Becs said...

What makes you a fascist? You were commenting on the show's accuracy. Is it because you stated you were/are in the military? What gives? I liked your response. Becs

tintin said...

You got me, becs. So far on this blog I've been called gay, a metrosexual and now a fascist. I guess strangers know me a whole lot more than I know myself.

Anonymous said...

Anon, Why is Tintin a fascist? You sound like a bit of an beer-hall-putsch-brown-shirt yourself (brown is always a bad choice for a shirt, btw).

Becs said...

I really like your website, keep up it up!! It takes a lot of guts to leave an unkind comment as anonymous (not) Becs

Anonymous said...

I'll watch it when it's on DVD, but only because I trust you more than the guy in the New Yorker who didn't like it so much.

Hey, I was at Christopher St. back in January. Had a great meal at a place called Fish near there. And a few beers at a joint across the street that was very crowded with people much cooler and younger than me.

Anonymous said...

You're a facist in the same way my Obama-smitten friends are communists: in jest. No offense intended.

Becs said...

That was very nice that
Mr.or Mrs. Anonymous explained themselves!! (Really not a funny joke, in my humble opinion)Becs ;)

tintin said...

Hmm. Guess I'm a commie, fascist, gay, metrosexual.

Longwing- Nancy Franklin couldn't pour pee out of a boot with a directional arrow on the heel when it comes to her knowledge of the military. I could stand on the Empire State Bldg and couldn't reach her heel when it comes to writing. She's been with the New Yorker a very long time but this was not something for her to review. She should'a asked Roger Angell for some help understanding the military but like so many civilain reviewers... she has no experience in the military but knows what's accurate.

I think you'll like it, LW and the DVD is a good idea. It's tough to follow and it helps to be able to go back.

HTJ- I think Abboud is doing Brown shirts this year. Instead of the Puffy shirt he calls it the Pooh shirt.

becs- Yeah, I'm with you about Anon. And I think it's ok for readers to be critical. I appreciate he/she explained the inside joke. I think. I mean, I'm not a fan of smiley faces, winking faces or any other faces but a clue would've helped. It takes you aback to read something like that.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mr. Tin,

That fraudulent rapscallion has besmerched my venerable name throughout cyberspace, and beyond, slandering hither and yon.

And now he's wounded the sensitive soul of one whose nom de blog derives from an altruistic lit'ry pooch.

Conscience-less varlet!

Conscious-less knave!

Am composing a scorching epistle to both The Times poste-haste.

A head will roll once we get to the bottom of this sacrilege.

The gauntlet has been cast upon terra firma, thoust montebank. Bulldog Drummond is on the case.

Rest assured this escargot trail of a humanoid is not I, nor one's ilk, Mr. Tin.

One remains your humble servant,

A. Nony Mous, Esq.

tintin said...

Sgt. Colbert: We are an invading army. We must be magnanamous.

Cpl. Garza: Magna-nous? What the fuck does that mean?

Sgt. Colbert: Lofty and kinglike.

Cpl. Garza: Sure. I'm a nice guy.

Generation Kill

tintin said...

Whoops. Magnanimous...

EastVillageTrad said...

I like your comments and agree with them pretty much on the whole.

How did you get the early access to all the episodes?

And, did you ever serve?


tintin said...

Can't tell you or I'll never see a screener again. I think they wanted a veteran's take and I provided it to them.

Yes, I served as a Army Brat for 18 years and a Airborne Infantryman (11Bravo 2 Papa) at Ft. Bragg for 4 years.

Did you serve?

redsalmon said...

yeh, spot on tintin; this has got to be the best military (and anti-war) cine for a long time --- good to hear reports on its many layered authenticity.