10 July 2008

Joesph Abboud Color Wheel

Same use of Primary colors but with a very different approach from the earlier Trad Color Wheel. The blazer is from J Press and is going on eight years. It's holding up well except for the loss of a button. Press has their own blazer buttons and I keep meaning to ask David Wilder for one (or two). Which reminds me, I read Joseph Abboud's book, "Threads" over the weekend. Never was a fan of his color wheel. Obviously. I like bright and Abboud has the whole, "adobe hut, putty, earth mother, 'do I sew with hemp or smoke it?' " thing going on.

To each his own...right?

The book is interesting and has lots of stories of Joe getting screwed by people in the retail business. Apparently he's still getting screwed and you can read about it simply by "googling" Joe's name. I don't care if you make clothes outta burlap - -you don't deserve some of the crap Joe has gone through. Having said that, Joe thinks brass blazer buttons are an anachronism. He insists the blue blazer have horn buttons - -preferably in a darker color. WTF is that all about? I love brass blazer buttons. How dare Joe say...wait a minute... Putty shirts and dirt ties. Oynx swivel cuff links. Closed vent suits. Nordstroms! Fashion consultant to Bill O'Reilly?!

Makes prefect sense to me.

I have no beef about blazers without brass buttons. I think Mother of Pearl buttons top out a summer blazer. While reading Joe's book I was aware of how forceful he was with his opinions regarding style. And most of it, I thought, was dead wrong, certainly for a Nordic, fair, blue eyed lad such as myself. But Joe was insistent through the book that all men should dress like him. Okay, he has a lot of clothes to sell. I understand that. Still, I thank God every day that there are men out there wearing duck billed Kenneth Cole shoes, tone on tone shirts, ties with abstract patterns that are dead ringers for the female reproductive system (I've seen them) and Joseph Abboud Blazers. They have their story to tell... and I have mine.


Mom on the Run said...

I had to comment about the blazer buttons, because my youngest (14 now) is the only male in the family with any dressing sense. When we were looking for a blue blazer for confirmation back in 6th grade, all the department stores carried the same brand and he didn't like the symbol on the buttons. I had to order one from Lands' End because he liked the buttons a lot better.

I hope that boy gets a good job when he grows up because he's going to need it to fund his wardrobe!

tintin said...

I know how he feels - - Some of the buttons are horrible. But, send him here:


for a wider choice. Waterbury Button Co. is an amazing place for any Trad looking to tweak his blazer. The Bolivian Navy crest is very popular.

Anonymous said...

I saw Aboud on Imus a few times (pre Rutgers). He did talk a lot, which I guess is why Imus liked him. Didn't he start out with Ralph? Did he find Ralph abusive?

tintin said...

He started at Louis Boston as a salesman and went to Southwick for a year as a designer. Hated it there. Haaaated it! Ralph hired him as a regional sales mgr. He left RL and started his own show in the late 80s. He says only positive things about Ralph in the book. But comes down pretty hard on other designers.

3button Max said...

tin-I have to agree w/you on Abboud-does his thing well and some very well made items but not my taste at all. a buddy of mine knows abboud and has some interesting jackets from him-2 button sacks nice shirts etc-not my dish but high end.