14 July 2008

"I got the White-Boy-my-closet-is-as-small-as-a-Matchbox blues"

Sweet mother of God. Will you look at that? Double Breasted suit with perfect button holes in each lapel. Cat Gut braces. And NO pocket square. I love it. But I'll never have it. This is the Domenico Spano boutique located in Saks. Amongst a sea of boring apparel (Joseph Abboud anyone?) and some of the ugliest shoes I've seen in a very long time...there is, tucked away in the back, a little respite of taste and quality...and some amazing price points.

We are entering the land of bespoke. I'll refrain from the crude and not even discuss cost. I bought a tie here. Marked down twice. It's the most I've paid for a tie in nine years. I'm sure I'll spill salsa on it my first wearing...and cry. I am such a White Boy.

Back in the NYC of 1985, I visited my screenwriter friend with my crime novel friend. The screenwriter had just sold his first cash inhaling script and took us to a blues bar to see a legend. I can't remember the man's name but he was a vulgar and mean old bastard who normally wouldn't have peed on us if we were on fire...But the screenwriter knew the Legend and had booked him at a club he used to manage. And so we were made fun of more than anything. It was like Don Rickles insulting you from a stage in Las Vegas. You felt honored.

I'm pretty sure I was wearing Duck Head khakis, a Brooks Bros pink oxford button down, a blue blazer and Bean bluchers and a Ranger belt. I wore that a lot in NY when I was poor. We're drinking beer and having a good time. This legend guy is pretty good. Despite having suffered a stroke, he straps his arm to the neck of his guitar with his trouser belt and does some amazing slide stuff. We're all in awe. And then the Legend squints his eyes at me and nods, "This next one's for you." Everyone oohs and ahhs. Crime writer slaps me on the back and the Legend sings, "I got the White Boy my closet is as small as a Matchbox blues." I'm reminded of that night when I look at Mr Spanos beautiful clothes. Woe is me and my closet. If you have a lot of money, love clothes and want to know more about Mr Spano go to Film Noir Buff for some detals and much better photos here http://www.filmnoirbuff.com/


Anonymous said...

What a great story teller you are! This was funny! M.

Tim said...

That's a wonderful story, thank you!

But while Mr. Spanos may cut a mean button hole, the pads on that suit belong nowhere except under an NFL jersey.

tintin said...

Anon- Story teller? I'm just remembering.

Tim- The shoulders are not that bad. Really. And it took a while for me to appreciate a well cut button hole. A real art.

Tim said...

Must be the camera angle. ;-) But I think I prefer this bloke’s tailor.


Here’s lookin’ at ya!

Anonymous said...

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