11 July 2008

Trad Kids

I admit to NOT being a fan of cute. I don't like kittens and puppies. I don't like cute cars. I don't like cute houses. I'm not a fan of cute clothing. But I do like funny. I know the girl on the far left. An old and dear friend as is her husband. They are what they like to call in the South, "Real Yankees." Donna is from MA and Brian is from CT. They both talk funny. But they have it all over this Army Brat when it comes to Trad.

Check out that Fair Isle sweater on Donna. Smashing. I'm sure those are pewter buttons as well. I was told this was taken in May somewhere in MA. It looks miserable and so does the grass but that's not the point. What I find so Trad about this picture (besides the clothes) are the Trad haircuts and the Trad posture. I haven't seen either amongst today's children. I also like the faded patina of the photograph. Most likely developed through a drug store that had wood floors, a lunch counter and Bugler rolling tobacco behind the cash register.

I've always been envious of people who lived in one place for more than a year. You have life long friends (Donna's still friends with the two girls), your mail doesn't get lost, you know your way around town and you pick up a style. I changed entire wardrobes with every move. Colorado Springs was Vasque rock climbing boots, jeans, and a John Denver-ish western snap button shirt. Hampton, VA was shorts, topsiders and a Hang Ten shirt. Back then I was all over the board...I guess I still am.


Donna said...

Hey TinTin,
You fatter me! That sweater was my absolute favorite - I wish I still had it for my girls. Although, I do have quite a few things including a green plaid beret that I loved!

Do I really "taak" funny?

Come on over tomorrow and I'll teach you all about Trad for girls!

Anonymous said...

Donna, look how cute you are! The sweater and hair style never went out BTW! MME

Anonymous said...

I grew up in one town, but I'm always envious of people that grew up in a great town, which I did not.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the midwest, and I can testify that staying in one place to pick up a style isn't always a good thing!

My parents dressed me in Bass Weejuns, white or navy cotton slacks, Izod polos, and surcingle belts. I'm just now realizing that I should have never stopped dressing "like a kid." Time for me to grow up and wear those clothes again.

Alice Olive said...

I really like this post. It's funny but also poignant.

Have to say I love the Fair Isle jumper (I'm Australian, we wear jumpers, not sweaters) and I had one too, which I lived in.

I lived in the same area until I moved out of home after high school. This meant not only did my wardrobe stay consistent but also that my lucky sister (seven years younger) got to wear everything after I'd finished with it. She was not a fan of second-hand...

tintin said...

Donna-I await your education.

MME- It went out of style where I live.

longwing-Those are the lucky ones who grow up in a great town. I grew up in a lot of shitty ones but it makes me apppreciate the great ones even more.

Anon 13 July- Sounds like your parents had great style. Why is it we rarely listened to them but instead to the cretins in school?

Alice- I had an older cousin who was a golf pro at Hilton Head when I was 12. He drove a white Porsche, dressed himself from the pro shop and had more girlfriends than you could count. I adored him. And got his hand me downs. I thought I was touching the hem of Jesus when I got his stuff.

Donna said...

I regret that I was too young and naive to speak up when styles changed in the late 60's -- I liked my fringe leather vest with hot pants and purple platform shoes, but I LOVED my beige linen pants with the blue "Frank Lloyd Wright" block design and loafers and tennis sweater! My mother had great style back then, but the 70s changed sooooo many things!

The Duck said...


Didn't realize you lived in Hampton, VA. I grew up down the river in Gloucester.


tintin said...

Great place. Loved Hampton and Ft Monroe. One of our best assigments.