10 July 2008

A Trad Spy

The Black Fleece dressing room at Brooks Brothers. I wish I had a Minox. Below, the Pop-Over.

I never thought it would happen.

Brooks Brother's on Madison was having one of their BS sales. A BS sale is the lure of up to 40% off. You walk in and everything's 25% off. Maybe there's a three pack of Christmas boxers at 40% off but that's it.

I'm a big fan of the Pop-Over shirt. A button down oxford, Madras or Seersucker, they have a partial button placket down the front so you pull it on over your head. Your great grandfather wore this shirt until it was slowly replaced by what we have today.

In the 60s, the Pop-Over was everywhere. I had one in Madras when I was nine or ten. There was another spurt of popularity during the Preppy boom in the 80s and they're getting around again. Rugby has a couple in bleeding madras and while Cable Car Clothiers in San Fransico has always carried them, they are a Poly/Cotton blend and cost a fortune.

While looking around Brooks I ambled over to the Black Fleece / Thom Browne section. Always good for a laugh. Hundred dollar socks. $80 Madras ties. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying - - And through the tears I see it. I white oxford button down Pop-Over. And it's 25% off. Made in the USA. A nice heft and beautiful roll to the collar. A sales girl comes over and clues me into the sizes: 1,2,3 &4. I take a couple into the changing room.

I like 'em. With the price down a little bit they're a bargain compared to Cable Car's nasty blend. Unique. Perfect untucked over J Press Bermuda shorts. Very comfortable against the skin. You know, if the price of Black Fleece keeps coming down, I may turn into a fan.


Anonymous said...

So, like, how much did they want for the shirt?

tintin said...

Almost half the cost of the T&A blazer.

Anonymous said...


Good post. I am a fan of popover shirts also. But the BF one looks like the placket is so long that I would tuck it in, thus defeating the purpose. Is this so? I think I would prefer if the placket ended after 4 buttons. How does it look when tucked in?

Tom Buchanan

tintin said...

Hey, Tom-
You're right. It's pretty long. The tab on the end appears just above the waitline but I wear it untucked all the time. The Rugby Pop-Over has a very short placket while RL Blue Label is longer and appears to be how I remembered the length long ago. Keep an eye out for a Rugby Pink Seersucker (SS-BD) and a very nice Blue Bleeding Madras (SS-BD) in the outlets. Like most POs,they run on the small size.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Nice tassel loafers.

tintin said...

British tan from BB. Went looking for 'em averywhere but no one had the light tan. They were at Brooks the whole time. Go figure.

Jovan said...

No pictures of you wearing it?

Anonymous said...

Reyn Spooner has very cool pop over "Hawaiian" style shirts: the fit is always great---as I write this I can't recall if the one's I have are "vintage" or were purchased new by me...that being said, they are slim, well-make and even have a button yoke (?) on the back collar.