18 July 2008

Southern Trads

Southern states have always had a unique take on Trad. Like they do pretty much everything else. Much more colorful than the Northeastern Trad and always with humor. Understand one thing about Southern Trad - - it varies not only from state to state but from town to town. Trad in Alexandria, VA is very different from Trad in Albany, GA which is where these two folks hail from. What Trad there is in Charlotte, NC differs greatly from the abundance of Trad in Chapel Hill, NC. Make sense?

It is confusing. It's also telling.

Take the fellow in that Stewart Tartan cotton sport coat. I think that's a Stewart tartan but who cares...what a great sport coat. Don't see those anymore. He's from Northern Virgina and went to Washington & Lee. Everything is subtle. A white oxford button down with a beautiful collar roll and a cream linen tie. Nothing loud but it communicates. Confidence. Tradition. Taste. Elegance. He' a charming guy as well.

Now for the young lady. Georgia born and bred. Louder than Virginia and much bolder with colors. She doesn't hunt but I bet her Daddy does. Whether she lives below or above the gnat line, her first exposure to any diversity was when she went to that all girls college outside of Philadelphia. Boys from Villanova made fun of how she turned "hot dog" into four syllables - "Haw-yat Daw-yag." The 'add a beads' date this but everything else could be easily purchased in any Atlanta 'burb today.

In addition to their Trad region, these two bring a great deal of themselves to their apparel. I know both of them love classic clothing but their own sense of style makes them who they are - -not their zip code.


Death Bredon said...

In the upper South of the Bluegrass of Kentucky (horse country), men sport bridle leather belts with name plates attached, emulating thoroughbred race horses and studs. Add either Red-Wing Ropers or Bass of Weejuns, a pair of Bill's khakis, a tie, and a navy blue blazer and, voila, you have the central Kentucky business uniform.

Louisville is for suits, Western Kentucky follows Nashville, and the far-western tip is closer to Memphis ways.

tintin said...

Years ago I fell in love with Keeneland. A friend gave me tickets to the jacket and tie section. Some of the best dressed men and women I've ever seen.

I was also amazed at the cigarette smoking as well as the bar orders. Almost everyone ordering Maakka's Mawhk.

Heavy Tweed Jacket said...

Tintin, nice post. I've always been in awe of the wit and grace that accompanies the Southern take on the Ivy tradition. It is always refreshing to see people who have not only thought about what they are wearing, but who also just plain seem to be having fun.

tintin said...

Fun is what it's all about, HTJ. Just like your blog. Those pics from the 80s are amazing.

Robert E. Lee said...


Whoa fella -- a lot (but not all) of gracious Southern style is rooted directly in English traditions (then given a local twist); NOT the League Ivy (which is the Northeast's own twist on English style).

Just for instance, the 3/2 button Sack Suit (which I love despite having origins north of the Mason-Dixon) is difficult to find locally in Dixie.

Still, full-bred "cow-preps" do exist in the South.

Becs said...

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tintin said...

Thanks for the link becs. I still haven't linked yet and am trying to decide whether to make some major changes design wise...I feel bad about not linking those who were very kind to link me but I've also passed on adverts. I kinda like it looking home made and sparse with really bad pics and poor grammer. Maybe I should grow up.

Mom on the Run said...

The add a beads now are usually done in sterling with a monogrammed disk, but the look never really left. I still wear mine (the gold) on occasion.

Anonymous said...

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tintin said...

You workin' late, Jim?