26 December 2013

Hungover? I Gotta Cure For That...

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I'm indebted to M Magazine for a lot of things but this hangover cure of garlic soup stands in the top 10 of M Appreciation. Days like today?  It might well come in first.

This is a tad more complicated than a rare blue cheese burger on dark rye and a fountain Coke but it really isn't that difficult... although peeling garlic with the shakes can be a little tricky.

You also might smell like garlic for a couple days and that's okay if, like me, your idea of Hell is other people. I'm trying to find a cure for other people but, until I do, this soup ain't a bad place to start.


Ben said...

"your idea of Hell is other people" - now that's just GOLD! Gold I tell you!

My hangover cure has always been a baseball cap and sunglasses and a walk.

Ben said...

… oh, and I miss Ruff Hewn.

tintin said...

Ben- I miss Ruff Hewn too. I think we should buy it.