21 December 2013

Bootsy & Voysey

London, 2001:
She was standing next to an early '70s Triumph Spitfire with blinking emergency lights.  Broken down during afternoon rush hour and taking up an entire lane in a traffic circle somewhere in Mayfair.  Cell phone to an ear, she looked exasperated and... on hold.   Red shoulder length hair bounced as she turned her head just as the cab I was in passed by.  She was dressed in a white silk blouse,  boot cut  jeans and suede paddock boots.  I'll never forget her -- Not that I think of her everyday.

But I was reminded of Bootsy when I saw these -- Maloles Lola M87 -- Sounds like something from Formula 1.

Doris Leslie Blau is a rug dealer in NYC and I've fallen hard for their English Arts and Crafts rugs since they first emailed me a sampling late last Summer.  There's a wide line between American and English A&C.  Not a fan of the former but a big fan of the latter. And while their A&C collection is not for the weak of heart or GS-5 park rangers, there are some fantastic deals on their web site…like this wonderful navy and red kilim. 

If you're thinking of something special for a lady friend and you're pressed for time, DLB has created a story for you.  The Maloles echoing the  CFA Voysey rug.  Maybe you could buy her a Triumph Spitfire as well.

Maloles Lola M87 Boot $430 here

1910 Arts & Crafts Rug (12'7" x 10'8") $45,000 here

Triumph Spitfires for Sale  $4,500 - $32,500 here


Anonymous said...

Inventive comparison - that boot and that rug - with a little Spitfire seasoning.

Recognizing patterns in disparate things is, in my opinion, one of the hallmarks of a cognitive and elastic mind. It's the stuff that gets you hired by the CIA. But for the rest of us it's a trait I find ever so lacking in most, yet one that invites endless conversation if and when tapped during such occasions.

Preferably over stout.


tintin said...

DB- Did I ever tell you I failed the psychological portion of the FBI exam? …Twice.

Anonymous said...

Probably did. But the clandestine services? Might have liked your synthesizing trains of thought.

Of course, it might be a little scary to think about now, but we're just chatting here...

Merry Christmas, by the way!