24 August 2012

"Screams from the meat wagon..."

Lincolnville Historical District, St Augustine, FL, 1980

During college I'd ride weekend nights with a couple buddies who were still with the sheriffs department. I'm not sure if I was just bored or if I thought it was a viable career. I brought my Olympus OM-1 with bulk loaded Tri-X for a photography independent study. I failed. I think it was because of my captions. I remember, "Screams from the meat wagon pierced the night." I'm not making that mistake again.


Brohammas said...

Upon further review "all the sensitivity of a brick" will now be applied photographic ambulance chasers/copywriters.

tintin said...

Bro- I was 22 then.

Anonymous said...

I give you credit that at 22 you had the balls to put yourself out there and try something. More than we can say about people of the same age today.

Thanks for the sharing the images. The ones yesterday were great as well.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Yeah...What Bro said...22 or no 22..that's questionable voyeurism...all I said was the lady looked tired...

tintin said...

Bro- Off subject but have you seen this? http://www.esquire.com/features/best-and-brightest-2009/shane-claiborne-1209?src=soc_fcbks

Main Line - Back on subject, you missed the point of the point of the point -- just like Bro but you're older and should know better.

It it insensitive to photograph a man going into D.T.s in the back of an ambulance? I was there as a photojournalist. And despite the failing grade, I'm still very proud of these pictures.

Is it insensitive to look at a photo of a unhappy couple and conclude the woman looks like shit? You tell me. I just think you missed the point. Which might explain why no one pays me to be a photographer.