10 August 2012

Oy, Limey, I'm a Gimlet but I need a Canuck

Back in 1867, Lauchlan Rose patents a lime cordial for the British Navy in hopes of cashing in on a regulation requiring all British ships to provide sailors with a daily lime ration to prevent Scurvy. It's discovered, one assumes by the Anchor-Krankers nicknamed, "Limeys," that this cordial, 'Rose's Lime' goes well with a little gin and a splash of water.

When my grandfather was offered a highball by Uncle Tony, a gin gimlet on the rocks was pretty much what he got. Not sure if I associated gimlets with my elders or not but it's a cocktail I have when I'm hanging out with the seniors. Usually at a Supper Club in Door County, Wisconsin with one of those big horse shoe shaped bars and an all you can eat Friday Fish Fry. They whip up a decent Whiskey Sour as well but that's another post.

Troops of the 21st Infantry Division Regiment were nicknamed, 'Gimlets' back in 1921 after a tool used to bore through rock for placing TNT. Their motto was, 'Bore, Bother Bore.' Alain Sitbon, owner of Le Petit Paris in Chicago, nicknamed me 'Pepper Grinder.' When I asked why, Alain held an imaginary pepper grinder in both hands and twisted his fist, "Because, Johnny, you never stop with the criticizing." Alain twists his pepper grinder, "You go on and on and on..."

A gin Gimlet can pack a punch. 3 ounces of gin to an ounce of Rose's Lime in a shaker. A cup of ice, shake, until you think your gonna get frost bite, and strain into a martini glass. Some people garnish with a lime or mint. I'd use more Rose's if I could convince a Canuck to send me a bottle or two. US made Rose's has fructose corn syrup and it's very sweet. Brits and Canadians use sugar. Cleaner and brighter which is pretty much what Brits and Canucks think of themselves.

I recently tried a Bacardi Gimlet. Rounder and smoother than gin. More character than vodka. Use the same portions as gin and try to find the connection between this post and yesterday's Lolo & The Bar-Kays. There's another giveaway and test question next week.

And, if you find yourself in Chicago, check out Le Petit Paris. Tell Alain 'Pepper Grinder' sent you...and ask him why he's always out of Montrachets, when he's gonna stop comping Jesse Jackson, why he took my picture down, where's the Dover Sole...


JP said...

Sen~or Trad!

Sorry to be a nit-picker, but the Gimets are the 21st Infantry Regiment not Division. Despite this very minor infraction, keep up the good work!



JP said...

Sen~or Trad!

Sorry to be a nit-picker, bit the Gimlets are the 21st Infantry Regiment not Division. Despite this minor infraction, keep up the good work!



tintin said...

JP -
The horror! I always thought they were a division. Thank you for the correction.

Oyster Guy said...

I would have loved to help you out but thanks to NAFTA, I think it's all the same stuff now. The Rose's label now reads sugar, glucose/fructose...which is hfcs in Canada. The French lime cordial by Marie Brizard still lists only cane sugar as does the Italian Luxardo.
I know it won't quite have the same trady flavour notes but I might go with fresh lime juice and simple syrup at 1 to 1. If colour is important, a drop of neon green food colouring should get you pretty close. But if you still want to try it out, just say the word...

Anonymous said...

on the sauce again, buttercup?

Lindgren said...

The gimlet is Terry Lennox's drink of choice in _The Long Goodbye_, which I think is the greatest American novel, after I've had a couple of gimlets.