01 August 2012

Gore Vidal's Theory on Fudge Bars

"During those years, I ate a great many Welch's Fudge Bars. They were distributed mostly in New England, the product of…yes, you’ve guessed it: the Big-Bircher Robert Welch himself. There was something in those delicious fudge bars which was reactionary. I have since checked with fellow schoolmates who were also extremely right-wing in those days and, to a man, I found that they, too, had been addicted to Welch Fudge Bars.

Yet each, when he left New England and was no longer able to get his quota of Welch Fudge Bars, became liberal. Now I’m not making any accusations. I don’t want to invoke the Pure Food and Drug Act just yet. All I say is that it’s a funny coincidence, and as Tail-gunner Joe used to say: It looks like part of a pattern." Gore Vidal, Esquire Magazine, 12/1961, "The Wrath of the Right"


Anonymous said...

There is more truth in those two paragraphs than in all the campaigning in the past eight months.


Amatourist said...

Pinche hell... I think ol' Ted Cruz has been slipping these into the water down here. This explains so much.

KSB said...

Although he shouldn't have called him a Queer (and later apologized for calling Vidal one)Buckley should have punched him.


Rich Fader said...

Gore always did appreciate well-packed fudge.