24 August 2012

County Jail

County Jail, Winter, 1981

He allegedly murdered his wife in front of their five year old daughter. In that county, crime is the family silver passed down generation to generation. Always linked to drugs. Cocaine and heroin then. Meth today. Mention a family name at an oyster roast and heads will shake followed by stories of petty theft, burglary, assault... Cursed, if you believe in that sortta thing...and I do.

I'm still disturbed by the images of this man. He's a symbol of what can't be saved. Born to parents hanging on by the skin of their teeth. His daughter is 36 now. You wonder, then slam that door shut. It's an exhausting circle of round and round.


Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

Rugged and disturbing. Your narration seals it.

Alice Olive said...

Wow, powerful images. Especially the last one. The depth of field and his expression. Love it.

NCJack said...

Most of us from small towns knew this guy. Not unintelligent, maybe even with a bit of charm, but you knew even as a kid what was coming to him in life. And you're right about the families, too, unfortunately. The motto on the coat of arms could've read "watch your wallet, buddy"

Julia said...

These pics are going to give me nightmares.

tintin said...

Julia- I know. They do that to some people. Usually the best people.