05 October 2011

Steven Hitchcock

Steven & Celia

The Label

A writer's jacket

The Goods


Pocket Square

Brown & Blue

Cleverley Side Gusset

My favorite tattoo

No relation to Alfred. Just as well. The world hardly needs another film director but is starving for tailors. Steven started with Anderson & Shepard at 16. He's a young looking 38 but has been working the cloth for 22 years. A blogger as well -- a post on his typical day can be found here.

I met Steven and his girlfriend Celia yesterday afternoon at the Benjamin Hotel on 50th and Lex. We discussed Steven's shop on Savile Row, tailoring, goods, linings, Cleverley shoes...The usual suspects.

Steven prefers a soft tailored aesthetic and that only makes sense coming from A&S. The beauty is hidden in the details as opposed to a more obvious Huntsman or Poole silhouette. I'm a fan of both. Why be monogamous when you don't have to.


AW said...

I wonder what brings a boy of 16 to decide that he wants to be a tailor?

When I was sixteen, the nearest I’d come to a suit was renting a set of tails for my high school formal. I’m not sure I would have realised that ‘tailor’ was a profession that even existed.

Sir Fopling Flutter said...

Read the Richard Anderson book for a description of how a teenager got into the tailoring business (in his case, at Huntsman).

Oyster Guy said...

Oh come on now, put aside all this tailor talk for a moment and tell us more about the Golf Foxtrot!

tintin said...

AW- My fault at leaving out Steven's father was at A&S. Also, if young people decide not to go to university-- many opt to go to work. Often at 16. I'll never forget seeing 16 yr old boys at Lloyd's of London carrying files. Something right outta Dickens.

Sir Fopling- I need to read that book.

Oyster- Lovely. And very charming. Celia is Steven's secret weapon.

Anonymous said...

What a refreshing attention to not just detail, but tradition. I don't know what that watch is, peeking out, but I like what little I see. And I'm going to agree with Oyster Guy: Steve's GF...just damn! Gonna shut up now...


BCM said...

I've always been a fan of the brown / pale blue combo. A subtle classic, yet different enough to get noticed.

Was he wearing socks?

tintin said...

DB- A discreet peak at the watch. No reason to be vulgar.

BCM- Yes, he was wearing socks. I did see Wooster the Brewster in the lobby with high water Thom Browne flannels, bare ankles and unbuckled double monks. He was looking for a place to...light up.

Anonymous said...

I like this guys style! To have been 16, and brought up in good taste. His blog seems sincere and yes, the GF!! I will be following his work, and maybe a visit when he comes over.


Anonymous said...

He sure sounds like an interesting guy. I'm hooked on his blog, good to see how he does things. Oh, and a good snap of that GF, lord! I'm keeping my eye on that guy!!

Mr. P

Unknown said...

Looking to purchase your black velvet dinner jacket. Is it still available?

tintin said...

Yep. 44R