28 October 2011

The World's Best Dressed Man

Alan Flusser featured 25 of the best dressed men (living or dead) in Esquire's Gentleman issue - Summer, 1993. Sadly, he missed one. Not just a well dressed man but, as a certificate from the Swiss Tailor's Guild announced, "The World's Best Dressed Man." Even his shirts bore 'W.B.D.M.' monograms. I'm not sure how this man could have slipped by Flusser. Unless of course the monogram was on his cuff.

Khaibar Khan Goodarzian was, in 1961, man about town -- a man's man --a man of style, substance and, "550 suits, 50 tuxedos, a dozen full-dress outfits, several hundred pairs of shoes, lots of silk underwear and handkerchiefs from Sulka, $750,000 worth of jewelry and four rare and costly oriental rugs." or so says the proof of loss statement provided to the Continental Insurance Company.

Goodarzian claimed he was the hereditary chieftain of a northern Iranian tribe called the Bakhitari. An investigation revealed the humble roots of a dispatcher in a British Army motor pool. Still, New York City opened it's arms and charge accounts to Goodarzian. Parties at El Morocco, haberdashers and department stores, all on credit.

The "fire" (you knew there was gonna be a fire) occured late one night in his two bedroom apartment. Actually, it was a one bedroom apartment with a bedroom converted to a closet. A witness saw Goodarzian removing clothes from his apartment the day before the fire. And there was the testimony that, during a party at the apartment the same night of the fire, Goodarzian was upset when butane containers were late in arriving.

Good luck prevailed after Goodarzian disappeared with the butane containers in his bedroom but rejoined his guests and moved the party to a nightclub. It would be seven years before Goodarzian would learn his case, Saks & Co. et al. v Continental Ins. Co. et al., named after the creditors, would pay him nothing. A few years later, the W.B.D.M. was deported. I have no idea where.


GSV JR said...

Can't even pronounce that guy's surname and "lots of silk underwear" translates to "men who overly enjoy Proust" in my mind.

Actually like/admire the way Woody Allen dresses. Guess that says something about my penis size. Or his...

Anonymous said...

Astaire was a gentleman inside and out..., sugar pants.

Gary Cooper was better looking but he looks ridiculous opposite a thirty years younger hepburn in love in the afternoon, .... but somehow astaire gets away with it in Funny Face, butter cookies.

David said...

Does anyone know of a link
to the complete 1993 Esquire
article by Mr. Flusser ?

Richard M said...

Lot's of mistakes in this article-Harry Connick, Gus whatever, etc. etc. some winners, but most were named in George Frazier's " Art Of Wearing Clothes". But Frazier wasn't selling anything.

tintin said...

GSV- That was his proof of loss for the insurance company. No doubt inflated. Like your penis size.

Anon- Check out Astaire with Rob Wagner in It Takes A Thief. Pretty bad.

David- I'll put it up this week.

Richard M- I know Gus. That ain't right.