09 June 2011

Gilt Loves Go To Hell

(Gilt photo by Rose Callahan)

Gilt MANual included GTH Pants as one of its Men's Essentials (No. 49 if you're counting). A photo shoot at Alan Flusser's studio was the most fun I've had with my clothes on. Alan changed three times for us while we took over his studio with more lights and tripods than a Bruce Weber shoot. Heady stuff. Great images. Go check 'em out here.


Rose said...

Flusser was sure a sport getting on the table like you asked him to! Much fun had.

Anonymous said...

I would very much like to share a drink with this gentleman

AW said...

Clearly I’ve missed something here.

GTH pants?
Where did they come from? Why do they exist? How did we get here?

Heck, had to google GTH pants to work out what it was an acronym for. Just the usual thing.
And now four posts in a row?

Alice Olive said...

I am kind of amazed at his collection! Strike that. I am definitely amazed. I like that you suggest not wearing them to the office. That was my introduction to them, of course. Inappropriately worn to the office... (Chicago and New York.)

Oyster Guy said...

It has taken me a while to think this question through but I have to ask. Just as there is a line between trad and dandy, where do you draw a line between GTH and Carnaby Street fop ? Logic might suggest that GTH is limited to a single or limited number of items while Carnaby is a complete outfit but personally I would prefer not to come so close.

Charlie G. said...

Forgot to mention this in the relevant post but J.McLaughlin also offers, or used to offer a no seam boxer. If you can get them at one of their sales they're a steal.

Andrea said...

Tra-la-la! Colourful pants!

Perhaps I am being a fun-spoiler, but they remind me of something a dull civil servant would wear in order to pretend that he has a life.

tintin said...

Rose- Thank you so much for the wonderful images and getting up the ladder.

2 button- I'm glad you can see the potential.

AW- Sorry it was confusing. Did you read the title of this post?

Alice- I remember a pair worn to Arlington race track many years ago on your flkr page. Must'a been a shocker for an Aussie. They rarely translate well out of US borders. Even the Canadians don't quite get it.

Oyster Guy- Don't read too much into it. Best course of action for you is to stay far away. No need getting injured.

Charlie- Thanks for the heads up. I'll keep a look out.

Andrea, When I see comments like yours I can't help but check out the ip address for the location. Yours is University of Toronto and the comment now makes sense.

Your use of, "Civil servant" smacks of entitlement but maybe not in the great white north. Either way, your comment and your location finds me adrift in a sea of sadness. Or, maybe you're the only Canadian without a sense of humor.

tintin said...


John, that was a strange reaction to my comment. I have no connection to University of Toronto, and don't live in Toronto. And even if I did, so what?

Can't I be thought of as one of the Canadians who don't quite get it (as you put it) rather than being the only Canadian without a sense of humour? That would be a terrible thing to be.

Posted by Andrea to The Trad at 12 June, 2011 00:21

Sorry, Andrea. I deleted this comment by mistake. Understanding ISPs are notoriously inaccurate, I was under the impression they were at least in the neighborhood which, in your case, is Toronto.

I think your comment is reflective of a misunderstanding of GTH. Folks tend to laugh at what they don't understand. I've always thought that practice was more ignorant than humorous.

Andrea said...

I know people take cheap shots at civil servants. My joke was actually borrowed from one of them, an old flame of mine who, on Fridays after work, would sometimes don a large red shirt with white embroidery, and make the joke that he was pretending to have a life.

Again, I don't live in Toronto, but (since you seem to want to know) in Ottawa.

those tricks said...

Your pics look great at GILT Man.
Nice guesting!!

tintin said...

Andrea- I was just curious how far off your ISP was. I'm familiar with civil service having been a federal employee myself and having a grandfather who was a double dipper (ret. army and civil service). Probably spoke to my thin skinned response. My apologies. Now you and Oyster Guy need to get a room.

those tricks- not mine! Wish they were. Rose Callahan shot these although I like to think my input was helpful. Rose has shot film so we spoke the same language.

Andrea said...

All right, thanks John. Glad we got that cleared up, and I got a new boyfried into the bargain.

Brummagem Joe said...

I think these are destined to join leisure suits and those frilled evening shirts in the catalog of broken dreams. But we mustn't be judgemental must we?

Dirk said...

Have a 1980s Alan Flusser double-breasted cardigan sweater made of heavy wool with a magnificent shawl collar in pristine condition. Anyone interested?

tintin said...

Dirk- Email me a picture or two and I'll post it on the Trad. If it doesn't fit me.