21 June 2011

Black Tie at Lincoln Center

The Team L - R: Foster, Miss Kittie and me by Alice Olive

The Venue: Lincoln Center

The Mission: Shoot a shoe.

The Result: A new obsession -- with the Canon 5D too (thanks Foster)

Alice Olive shoots the shoot...

which has already...

prompted questions...

from my concerned father...who is also a leg man.


Anonymous said...

Miss Kitty seems to be purrrrrring.

Alice Olive said...

There's a word for this... What is it? Oh yes, dedication. Tres impressive.

Brohammas said...

so I see you had to bring your own red carpet... keep your eyes, and lens, on the shoes son.

Unclelooney said...

I think it may be the shorts and no socks-I just noticed that Tin Tin is WASP101's pin up of the week.

Unclelooney said...

Your father will not be as concerned once you move into Bob Guccione's old town house.

War Horse said...

So what was Foster doing? Crowd control?

Kittie France said...

I hope you didn't suffer any gravel rash.

Anonymous said...

The Mrs. would DEFINITELY love these. It's one thing to see them, but completely different to see them on. I'm going to refer her to take a look. Love the photos.

Scott said...

Keep that $#!7 coming, Hoss.


thsoe tricks said...

Ya know what I'm NOT seeing in these pics?
The cool lookin' floppy bow on the toe.
Give the heel-wearing ladies what they want, Tin-Tin.
And that's MORE BOW.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I have the same shorts. I love them! My manliness was challenged at my bachelor party. It ended in me pounding 1.5 pitchers of Samuel Adams Summer Ale from a 5 foot beer tower to prove otherwise. I love them even more now. Not because I was wearing them when I pounded the Sammy A's, but because they didn't stain my the Sammy A's came back up all over them.

tintin said...

I don't know if she was purring but she sure did smell good.

Alice- Thank you for being Kittie's agent and for recording the event. I have a bottle of Manzanilla Sherry for you.

bro- Red carpet? You and I have many things to discuss.

Uncle Looney- I always shot better from the prone position.

War Horse- Foster provided the hardware. A 5D and two amazing lenses. A 35 and 50mm. He also handled the t-shirt concession.

Kittie- Those shorts were white.

2 button- You really haven't been married long. You don't refer the Mrs -- you buy for the Mrs.

Scott- $#!7? This blows Purple Fashion magazine outta the water.

those tricks- Bow? What bow?

2button- Impossible. Those are Duck Heads from the Goody's outlet in Gainesville, FL.

Dallas said...

sam adams summer ale to substantiate your manhood. you stud.

like the legs, dubious on the sex and the city aspect of it all.

hers, not yours. for clarification.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, I just love this posting. This has to be the best tribute to Bert Stern's upside-down-pyramid-in-the-martini shot I've ever seen! Okay, so maybe it's the only tribute I've seen to that shot. Still, my hat's off.


Amatourist said...

she have any Luccheses in that closet? send her down to Texas. I can promise every bit of enthusiasm that you showed her yet with neither the style nor the sophistication.

Anonymous said...

upskirt? no thanks. thanks.

Kathleen said...

Kittie's pins (and shoes) as fabulous as ever. But what was the fabulous Alice Olive wearing?!

Anonymous said...

What does your girlfriend think about you twisting around the pavement to photograph a woman in those shoes? Not that you'd be looking up her skirt, of course.

tintin said...

Dallas- Thanks but I didn't need the clarification.

DB- Bert Stern is a photography god. I can't focus anymore much less use a light meter.

Amatourist- I'm not sure how Miss Kittie would like Texas. Certainly not Amarillo.

Anon- A valid point but my art does not allow cropping.

Kathleen- Espadrilles of course.

Anon- I wasn't twisting so much as I was floundering and my art doesn't allow me to look up skirts as I would be required to over expose. The GF was there in case things got outta hand.