31 October 2010

Weekend Brunch: Dune

Boiled fish, grits & Johnny cakes...plus a view at Dune. Not too crowded now. One & Only Ocean Club, 1 Casino Drive, Nassau, Bahamas


Anonymous said...

That was brunch?

C'mon, show us some JB-style adventure! Any scuba? Snorkeling? Gambling, even?


M. F. Smith said...

mmm, classy escape as the city's gone chilly!

M.Lane said...

Amazing. And a gratuitous look at the Lilly trousers?


initials CG said...

Not as good as it was?

I'd say the present is affording you a great time travelling like James Bond...!

NO HYPE said...

You on vacation or business?

Either way I am very jealous... granted I like Cayman moreso than the Bahamas.


Surrender your britches, sailor. Always like KALIK myself. Anything two or more ticks over a Bud tallboy's got my attention. Go figure.