20 October 2010

A Night Out

I was talking to a old friend who just turned 50.

"20 years ago I was 30." he said. "It went so fast. 20 years from now I'll be 70. I'm afraid it'll go by even faster."

I told him it probably would. And I told him I had no intention of sleeping through it.

Friends come and go.

But I'll be left alone with myself.

Trying to make the best out of the next 20.

And it'll be the small things I remember.

Like a night out in the city,

and a subway ride uptown.


Alice Olive said...

A t(r)ad (the r is silent) sobering at this time of the morning.

Being of a certain age myself, I want the friends, the good ones, to hang around and be part of those small memories of a subway ride uptown or closing a restaurant over a fabulous meal and conversation. I may not remember the details but I'll remember the emotions.

Anonymous said...

So, you don't want to sleep through it . . . very good . . . can I post the photo of you sleeping on my couch after a nice dinner and bottle of wine??? ;) DMW

Tin-tins phred/dad said...

OLD quote:
"Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The shorter it gets, the faster it goes."
I'm 75 now. The roll is short.

Baron said...

Trad and Dad,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Anonymous said...

A simple eloquent tone poem to aging.

Your friend did the last/next 20-year realization math we all do. The important thing is for it not to drive him nuts. Has he compared his memory of his parents when they were 50 to himself now?

I like how no one wants to hit you when you take their photo. They're good - especially the first one - but has NYC gone that soft?


Anonymous said...

So true and very a propos, as you posted this yesterday which was my birthday. The good news I'll leave you with is that, speaking as an M.D., I see people kicking ass in their 80's these days, so the light is not dimming as fast as you might think.

Trailer Trad said...

After looking at this, I must declare that, as they say in baseball, you're a five tool player. Spot on!