12 October 2010

Exploring 2nd Ave: The Loudest Squeaking Door In New York

Don't get a seat by this door.
Not unless you're used to a soar...
riigght outta your clo-th-es.
Doh-da-do, doh-da-do, here it is...
the loudest squeaking door in New York.

David Bailey imitation

Love folding sunglasses

The absent minded waiter

For Trad Dad - Places to sit down

Champagne and french fries after the vintage clothing show somewhere on 2nd Avenue. Lucky to snag an outdoor table on a perfect Saturday afternoon. Nothing bothered us until a squeaking apartment building door realigned my teeth. But there's hidden gold across the street.


Anonymous said...

Was the poem about the door supposed to be read to the tune of "The Only Living Boy in New York?"
If not, oh well. If so, I adore that song.


tintin said...

It's one of my favorites too hence the theft.

Anonymous said...

That's nice to hear, it is such an underrated song, so few seem to appreciate it.


Unknown said...

Mr. Simon and Mr. Garfunkle wrote the soundtrack to my childhood. Love that song and I love this blog so much.