18 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Miss O'Day

No getting around the fact I have something for Anita O'Day.

I don't know what it is - but I love her. Full stop. Born 91 years ago today -- the video is from a 1963 Japanese TV show available here. I have a copy and it's damned good sans the live audience's lack of applause.

Charlie Davidson told me a story where Anita begged him, beggged him, to come see her in a club in NYC on her birthday. Charlie couldn't commit but he busted his ass getting the shuttle from Logan and flew into Laguardia where bad weather almost diverted his plane to PA or worse. But luck was on his side...

Charlie took a cab to the club, walked in, saw Anita by the bar rehearsing with the band and said, "Baby, I made it!" And Anita said, "Shut the fuck up and get me a double Scotch." I asked Charlie what kind of Scotch Anita drank. "Single malt," Charlie said.

The pictures are from her 1981 autobiography, "High Times - Hard Times." There's been a recent re-issue but try to find the original for the beautiful cover. You wanna pour a single malt (maybe a double) and drink to her? That's your business. I've already beat you to the punch.


ADG said...

Shut the fuck up and get ME a scotch!

Anonymous said...

If you have a thing for a woman but you just can't figure out what it is, here's a hint: something about her reminds you deep down of your mother.


tintin said...

ADG- You wanna BLT with that?

DB- Actually, she reminds me of someone else's mother.

Anonymous said...

I saw Anita O'Day perform live with the Joey Thomas Big Band up here in Albany back about 15 years ago. She still could belt 'em out in her 70's.

Tin-tins phred/dad said...

Describe Anita in one word.
Fond memories of her when I was a teener. She has aged well! So many others haven't.

pofallon said...

Tintin- Thanks for turning me on to Anita O'Day. Whatever it is, she's got it. What a voice and what a great little attitude. I don't suspect your love of her has anything to do with your Mom. First time I've ever seen her and I already love her.

Anonymous said...

Lullaby of the Leaves. Best song ever.