02 June 2009

For Tater - Dinner & Dessert

I'm missin' home cooking.


Anonymous said...

You must be in NC? ME

tintin said...

I'm fixin to head on down yonder...

Anonymous said...

"Okie dokie, I reckon we'll see ya'll in spell..." ME :>}

Anonymous said...



Them vittles's too upmarket for me an' Velvetta's budget. Hav'ta hit the rhodeshoulders and pick up some more cans and bottles a make tha paymints.

As shamelessly plagarized by

They broke into Tin's Barchetta last night, took the B&O stereo
Now you say you don't know why you even live there anymo'
The garageman didn't see a thing, so you guess it was an inside job

You made a reservation at L'Expense D'Accounte,
a table for three
They said you'd have to wait,
Mikey D. must have bribed the maitre d'
The boss got mad and blamed it all on you
The food was bad, the deal fell through

Down here near the meadow
Park my Yugo on the street
Step up to Swint's counter, nearly always get a seat
Nobody steals, nobody cheats

We got tractor pulls and Red Man chew
Corporate relo refugees who need love too
And we ain't seen Elvis ina year or two
Out chair in tha medder

We got justification for wealth and greed
Amber waves of grain and bathtub speed
We even got Starbucks, what else ya need?

Down here in the meadow
Where the center's on the right
And the ghost of William Jennings Bryan preaches most nites*
To save the lonely souls in the dashboard lites

Down here in the meadow
Where the dairy cows roam
We're puttin' up towers
For y'all's cell phones
And we screen all applicants
With a fine tooth comb

Down here in the meadow

Whar racecar spelt backards is...

(*Mama's Mama'd like that?)

(Apologies for ruinin'
Jimmy McMurtry's rhymin' in
"Out Here In The Middle")

'Em aigs makin' me hongry, even if they's Yanqui.

Buy, Ta'tr

Anonymous said...

First time I shopped in the Piggly Wiggly in Fayetteville had myself a run in with a jar of pickled pig's feet. Looked MUCH worse than that jar of pickled eggs. D

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trip - have fun - eat - drink - be merry - but be safe!

Anonymous said...

See, this is what I like about you, Tintin. You get it. "Le Veau d'Or" or a general store.

You just get it.


Anonymous said...

I like that they have to point out that the eggs are delicious.

ADG said...

Tin...LFG and I are driving down in 2 weeks. I'm bringing back 2 coolers full of white trash cookin'

Alice Olive said...

Boiled peanuts? Boiled??

Dickie said...

I do love some southern foods - I stock up on red beans, coffee, spices etc every time i'm down in New Orleans.

I also love eggs and pickles, but what on earth do pickled eggs taste like?

tintin said...

Tater- Very nice. Thank you for that. You should copyright it before someone in NASCAR sees it.

D- I, who pride myself on my ability to eat anything, have yet to try pigs feet. Or gefilte fish. Odd how two of the nastiest looking foods in a jars come from such different places.

sorrentolens - Drill sergeants in the army would announce a break with, "Smoke, joke but no dope."

DB- Course I get it, DB. You've known that for 33 years. I just wish Michael Batterberry would review Swints.

AG- Actually, they're not bad with a cold beer.

ADG- Man on Manischewitz, that sounds good. I can't find GoGo clusters in mid town or those Stucky Pecan Logs.

Alice- Actually, they're not bad with a cold beer. You eat them shell and all. Funny how a lot of this food needs a cold beer.

Dickie- They're not bad with a cold beer. Just think egg instead of cucumber. And open a cold beer.

ADG said...

I just had another flashback...Penrose Sausages....do you remember those things Tinman?

Dickie...Penrose hit the White Trash Trifecta...pork-salt/fat-floating in pickle brine. Yes...little pickled sausages. Nasty.

Anonymous said...

Here in FL, they sell hot boiled peanuts on the side of the road. I go by this guy selling them every afternoon on Rt 46 btwn Sanford and Mt. Dora. I can't bring my self to try them - same goes for pigs feeet and pickled eggs. Pickled okra (hot) on the other hand will have you downing a few cold pints for sure.

Anonymous said...

Penrose sausages - I like three(split) on a piece of folded-over white bread. To quote Andy Griffith, "Mmmmmmmm-MM"!

I'll trade Goo Goo clusters for some Barritt's Ginger Beer. Takers?


Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

Boiled peanuts taste like a can of peanuts that were left uncovered on a picnic table when the rain started.
Ditto for unsalted cashews.

Anonymous said...

Boilt pnuts:
Peanuts in shell
Dump 'em in boiling Dead Sea salt brine in a pot
Boil a while
Pour into one a them holy metal baskets over the kitchen sink unless you eatin' a 'mater samwitch over the sink at the time
Jus' lak spagetty
Get some young'uns to shell the peanuts and put 'em in the Tupperwear
Envite the denizens of your modular estate an' enjoy with a festive punch bowl of Cheerwine or tha Chateau Y'Clem you been hidin' in the spare tire well.


(ps, in season you might can get you're pnuts pre-boilt when you stop to buy roadside yams. Jusa word to the wise comezstables cornoisseur. T.)

Pardon me boy, is that a Chattanooga Goo Goo?
No, no


st. john said...


I knew I loved you...


tintin said...

ADG- Don't know them sticks but they sound good with a cold beer. Anyone seen Red, White and Blue lately? Last I seen it was Winn Dixie in 1984 for $6 a case.

Sorren- I would warn you to think twice about eating 'homemade' boiled peanuts from the landed gentry between Sanford & Mt Dora. I don't think those folks carry product liabilty insurance. And I love okra.

Scott- Not the time of year to be mailing Goo Goo clusters but if you have some dry ice...

Dad, You'd be suprised how far they've come. Spicy, BBQ, etc. The peanut seems to only be a chewy platform fir the salt and spices. It helps to have a cold beer around in case you get some shell caught in your throat.

Tater- The Chattanooga Goo-Goo. You are an artist.

St John- We can get married at South of the Border...Where in the heck is Bunny? I miss your Gucci sandles.