24 June 2009

Seabago Tassel Loafers & Hay Street

Seabago Tassels on the home stretch

Hay Street Slave Market

Those Seabagos were made in the USA and found new on Ebay for $40. I'm sure there's something wrong with them but haven't discovered what yet. They look dusty because I poured baby powder in them...a requirement for wearing leather shoes without socks.

Stopped in Fayetteville, NC and swung by the local newspaper for some archival photographs of the old Hay Street circa my time as a young paratrooper there in late 1970's and early 1980's . I called a number of museums and libraries looking for photographs of the infamous street. No one had anything. I was told at the paper many locals would just as soon forget the old Hay Street of hookers, strip clubs and pawn shots. The 400 and 500 blocks were razed by the mid 1980's and not a pole was left. It would appear the slave market isn't an issue.


Lynn said...

Looks like a fun time on the road. I'm thinking about letting my oldest read your blog. If your family is from the south, and my family from the south, we could even be distantly related. He's been talking Army a lot lately, and I thought of you. My uncle Salty was career Army. Uncle Salty had a friend, Don Cherry who might still live over in the south. He was in show business. I was told he did some running with a rat pack from California too. I make this up for my husband and you might like the recipe. Half corn starch and half baking powder sifted, about half a cup of each, and then 4 drops of eucalyptus and 4 drops of peppermint essential oil. You could add a drop or two more if you wanted. Put in a zip lock bag and shake it around. He keeps his in the bathroom and puts some in the bottom of his shoes. My husband doesn't like to smell like baby powder if he has to be around other men. Just the way he is.
My son had me for a mother and at 21 has not seriously dated yet, so I'm just letting you know.

Anonymous said...

wearing leather shoes without socks.
I used to do that but i permanently destroyed several pairs of shoes that way - once that deep deep, smells like rotting meat stink gets in, there's no getting it out.
that's why there's socks or just just cut a thin pair socks off and wear

Anonymous said...

"My son had me for a mother and at 21 has not seriously dated yet, so I'm just letting you know."

what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

I remember driving my daughter to St. Ann's School and the "ladies" would be sitting in front of the bars on stools all along Hay Street. In very very short shorts. With their legs spread. During the day. Try explaining that to your kindergartner. Oh, and what crime scene tape is for. My favorite store was called "It Can Be Arranged." If you wanted to layaway a powder blue three piece pimp suit, it could be arranged.
Did you swing by the new Airborne/Special Forces museum? D

longwing said...

I hope you're not still eating beef jerky.

Anonymous said...

Those shorts. More to the point, their length. I'm just a little concerned you might be close to entering - yikes! - Magnum P.I. territory for how short they seem. Let's hope not. We count on you to know where to draw the line.


ADG said...

Hay Street....used to road trip to The Fay when I was in undergrad...to buy 100% cotton army khakis...still think they were the best ever...cut wise. Then we'd go over to Hay Street. I never wanted to but the peer pressure was overwhelming so I complied.

Off to have dinner with Puerto.

ADG said...

One more thing Tinnie ... those floor mats look kinda Rasta!

tintin said...

Lynn- Ok, you have some 'splain-en to do...

Anon 13:37- Takes me a while to destroy shoes thru foot odor alone. And at $40 a pr--the elan is more than made up for.

D- You'll like the story coming up next week. Have yet to make it to the museum yet. Hoping to get there next trip.

Longwing- I'm home. No more road snacks for a while. Beef Jerkey pairs so well with I-95 and a cold Dr Pepper.

DB- I hiked the shorts up to get a stream of a/c into the right place. No cause for worry.

ADG- Army surplus khakis from 65-79 were the best. Tell Puerto I'm 15 pounds away from coming for a visit.

ADG- They're coco mats. Huge in the 70s with West German cars. Wow, strange to see, "West German."

Anonymous said...

did you purchase those floor mats separately? and where?

tintin said...

Anon- Yep, I picked up mine here:


The dealership recommened them.

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

Back in my younger years--the 1950's--girls (including your Mom) all wore "ballerina" leather shoes/slippers. They always wore them without socks. Awful! They'd kick them off and put their feet up and they (feet) were dirty, sweaty and smelled like dead fish or meat.
As to wearing low-cut socks: While in the hospital, I was introduced to low-cut socks (didn't come up over loafer tops), inexpensive and had what I referred to as "cat paws" sticky tread on bottoms (so patients wouldn't slip on slick floors). VERY nice. No shoe rot. Available at med supply stores.

Anonymous said...

Um, you know we don't call it the "slave market". It's just called the Market House. It's actually been debated if slaves were sold there or not and if they were the amount was not as large as people a lead to believe. Either way the building is still a beautiful building and what it used to stand for is way in the past. I just felt put off with you calling it the slave market. No one is sold there today so it's not a slave market. It's simply the Market House.