29 May 2009

The Garment District

A stroll west on 40th Street

I spent some time in the garment district. These are shirting fabric samples. My father is going to disown me.


M.Lane said...

Nawww...if he survived the multi-colored topsiders this won't phase him.


Lynn said...

You are so lucky to be able to go shopping there when you want. I like the blue and white stripe, and the candy stripe. Have you checked out the fabric district there? AK Fabrics, B&J Fabrics, Metro Textile, Mood, New York Elegant Fabrics, Paron, Rosen & Chadick, Spandex House? There are also some trim shops that sell buttons, if you are able to pick out your own fabric and take it to someone. They are all located in the same area.

tintin said...

M. Lane- Thanks, man. And those are Tri-colored not multi. There's a differene.

Lynn- Slow down there. I'm putting my toe in the water. I went to B&J, Paron and New York Elegant. I also went to the comic book store that has Penthouse Mags from the early 70s and the Dramatists Book store. I'm not quite ready for the trim shops-- or am I?

Lynn said...

If you can show them a shirt with the kind of buttons you want, I'm sure they can match them. Having the fabric with you might help also. You want the buttons to look custom. When I check out a shirt, I'm looking for a great fabric, the colors in the shirt, how large the print or strips, plaids are, the buttons.

http://www.michaelsfabrics.com/ This guy is selling some bundles. He does this rarely, and bundle #1 has some cottons, but you might have to email him to find out what he might put in a bundle and you might have have leftovers that you don't know what to do with. Boxers maybe.

skorpeo said...

i wouldn't worry, tintin. the same thing happened to st, francis, and he turned out okay!

Blushing hostess said...

Tintin. Trad. Or whatever you've done with him. The batik paisley, indeed, your Father is not the only one who would disown you, I will delicately pen my name on that list too. Are you mad? And the black yellow lower right, LL Bean circa 1983 - stop. Just stop. It pains me so to see this happening to the handsome guy on the street with the Macy's bag... they really need to develop a cure for mad cow, this is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Tell Mr. Pfred the floral's "Bahama Jungle Camo".

sorrentolens said...

It's fun to listen to you all from the deep south.

Macy's bag?!! I didn't think you shopped there.

Hey, the leftover fabric - boxers - might be your turn to move into a new garment.

I know your buddy thinks your mad, but i like all except the yellow/black plaid.

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

The "yellow plaid" is actually the MacLeod of Lewis tartan. My mother's maiden name is MacLeod.

Ben said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with what you're showing me. I especially like the tartan. Make it in short sleeve button down, put a protractor in the breast pocket and you're a Mercury astronaut.

Also, our dads have disowned us so many times they've lost count, but it is equal to the number of times we disown our sons. So don't sweat it.

EsseQuamVideri said...

Love the lapis/turquoise/white and the paisley... that the paisley is a bit "watery" makes it really different and a little off -- good off.

Anonymous said...

Jermyn Street pajama/pyjama/'jammer stripe begs an RLPL Keaton (or www.axelsltd.com > men's shirts, dare you www.udeshi.co.uk > shirts?) type cutaway collar, discreet fist-with-rampant-middle-finger club tie, arrogant Prussian jaw and the ability to sneer down one's proboscis at that carnival rassler Issur (Izzy Demsky) Danielovitch's sniveling, insolent thespian issue ......however, that wouldn't be trad.


tintin said...

Lynn- Thanks for the link. I'm overwhelmed by what's out there fabric wise but have a lot to learn.

Skorp- I'm a fan of St Francis. Thanks, I needed that.

Blushing- Is the batik that bad? THe Gulf Foxtrot shot it down as well. It would make smashing clam diggers that I could sell to ADG for major dosh. Or, perhaps a table cloth on an outside deck with Pierre Duex pewter chargers, bamboo Tiffany flatware and Magnums of Billecart Salmon Rose nestled between 18th C silver candle holders while Callas's La Boheme softly slides through the night air. Or, perhaps a nice cargo short?

Anon- Bahama Jungle camo or perhaps a Batik Battle Fatigue. Quite the look with Jungle Boots.

sorrentolens- I'll go anyhwere for cheap underwear. I've been a boxer man since I was 19 and I too love that yellow/black tartan. Reminds me of a yellow and black Saab convertible I wanted. The ex shot it down telling me she wasn't going to drive a Yield Sign.

Anon- Thanks for the Tartan identification. My maternal tartan looks like crap- http://thetrad.blogspot.com/2007/12/my-family-tartan.html

Ben-I like your idea for the SS sleeve shirt. It should come with a crew cut as well.

Vederi- You're a man of erudite taste and welcome here anytime.

Tater- I was thinking how much I overpaid for a cashmere blazer at a polo outlet in FL. Thanks for the Axelsltd link. I feel much better.

Tin-tin'sphred/dad said...

Certainly wouldn't disown you for your goofy taste in fabrics. Came close, though, with your tutti-fruti belt selections and those awful suede shoes.

Anonymous said...

Re: Axelsltd.com

Did you recgognize Luciano Barbera in the "Men's" flash photo sequence?

Also, "About" > "Our Story" > click the individual vertical panels of the shaded photo on the right.....should you find yourself with a few moments to kill.


Blushing hostess said...

Touche. I never said you could not set a civilized table. Why many a sidewalk mayor in Bedford did so for years with accoutrement right out of his cart while mumbling to himself.

Next time you are there, look up at those big city silver and black banners above 40th, that is where I earned my chops. Ugh. Everyone wants to be a designer. 'cept me.
If ADG is buying that stuff he and I are through.

Andrew said...

Where can I get that yellow tartan fabric? I simply must have it! seriously, though I really would like to know

ADG said...

Pierre Duex pewter chargers....it worries me that you even know how to spell something like this.

Dodge Charger.


Anonymous said...

A car that looks like a Yield Sign? Sounds like the perfect automotive accessory to your Traffic Light Topsiders!

tintin said...

Dad- You don't like my suede Alden tassels?

Tater- I did see Luciano. Interesting family. I wonder how they're doing in this economy?

Blushing- You must know all the good places to eat...Anyplace I can get grits?

Andrew- What, are you a designer? If so, contact me via PM and I'll let you have it for $150 a yard. If you're not a designer, call New York Elegant fabrics and tell 'em it's in the shirting section for $15.95 a yard.

tintin said...

ADG- I can break down and put together a Army .45 blindfolded while I set a table for six and quote the 1st act of Richard III. "What glorious summer..."

ADG said...

Tin...now you are just showin' off...what with all that .45 and blindfold talk.

Seriously...Did you see any oversized gingham in the fabric shops of Gotham. Flusser can't find it in any of their books.

Tater...the Axel shirts are strong but man, they are pricey at 400 bucks.

tintin said...

ADG- Let me get this straight...you belittle me and then ask me to hunt down a oversized gingham for you? I'll see what I can do.

ADG said...

Yes. That's the process. I give you some sh*t and then ask for favors.

Blushing hostess said...

No word of a lie, Tintin. I recently had the best shrimp and grits of my life at 121 in North Salem. And you know, I lived in Charleston so it was disconcerting to have those great grits north of the MD. We generally spend too much time esp after horse shows. Hope you can slog up there and give it a try. Ask for James. And that's Jen and Ward at the bar... always.

tintin said...

ADG- You are a consultant.

Blushing- North Salem? That's where Jesus left his shoes. I need a place for grits in the Garment District!