23 June 2009

On The Road...

Apologies for the lack of posts and answers to questions and comments. The road trip will end soon.


skorpeo said...

i notice you packed both casual and formal vacation attire.

Allie in G'town said...

Tretorns!!! I was considering writing a post on those puppies. Bring back the Tretorn! XXOO

Anonymous said...

I am old to enough to remember when no one, I mean no one, wore shorts in New York City. I still wince at doing it.
But cross the mason dixon and i guess things change. For example its not unusual in Bermuda to wear a suit jacket and shorts... .

ADG said...

nice footies.

Your Pal,


Ps...Having dinner with Puerto here in DC on Thurs evening.

Anonymous said...

What is up with the floor mats? I have never seen braided Capel rug floor mats in a car. Taking the whole Trad colonial theme to a new level. I agree with Allie, digging the Tretorn revival. D

Anonymous said...

"Neet" or "Nair"?

tintin said...

skorp- The dinner jacket and opera pumps were also with me.

Allie- Do the post. Do the post. The ex had a pr with a tartan plaid stripe. Ever see those?

Anon 11:41 - I've done a lot of business in Bermuda. Shorts worn in Spring and Summer. Just over the knee cap with knee socks and black tassel loafers with a blue blazer, white button down and rep tie with B&L aviators. In the hands are a Dark & Stormy and a Cuban cigar.

ADG- And way too many freckles. By the way, PAL in the Army means something you probably don't want to be.

Anon- They're called coco mats. What, am I the only guy who knows coco mats? Am I that old?

Anon- Neet or Nair? No, just fair with very light hair. It's there. I swear. So, I'm not a bear. I don't care. I'm proud to share my Irish red hair. It's not a dare. Not when I have a pair. This is a wear. All this stuff that's neither here or nor nair.