12 June 2009

Friday Belts - The Fighting 69th

The Fighting 69th Regimental Cocktail - 2 parts champagne to 1 part Midleton
The Fighting 69th Coat of Arms

A Fighting 69th bumper number

"The official regimental cocktail is made of two parts champagne and one part Irish whiskey. According to legend, the regimental commander, Thomas Francis Meagher, liked to drink his whiskey with Vichy water. But one day during the Civil War, when his aide was unable to find Vichy water, he returned with champagne. Meagher liked the new mixture, and the drink stuck."

A cocktail recommended by a reader --- A bumper number found by me-- A National Guard Regiment with an Irish history and whose recent deployment to Iraq saw 19 KIA and 78 WIA during Operation Wolfhound, so named after the Irish Wolfhounds on the crest above. A beautiful armory down on Lexington and 25th. Back in the 1990's an attempt was made to convert the regiment to Air Defense Artillery. That did not go over well with the troops and it stayed infantry. As an 11 Bravo I can understand.

The belt is not all that important. A Black Watch strap from J Press mysteriously on sale for $9.99 at a discount store on 57th St. It's hard to get excited about a device that holds your trousers up next to the storied 69th. Around 17:00 hours (22:00 hours GMT) today I'll toast the regiment and tilt back a Fighting 69th. I hope you join me.


John Patrick George said...

Top notch.

I reccently spent a weekend at the shore drinking Chivas and Champagne. Though not mixed together. If only you'd posted this a few weeks ago...

But the bright side is that I have an excuse to do it again. But with Bollinger and Bushmills perhaps?

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about Bloomberg kicking the 7th out of its own armory?

james at 10engines said...

a few years back discovered that the soda water in a mojito can also be usefully replaced by champagne... friday belt for the win. best

skorpeo said...

at the risk of sounding too precocious in my "pre-enlistment" stage, i shall raise a hearty "hooah".

the drink of choice, i fear, will have to be jamesons on the rocks. although your frequent reference to midleton has me intrigued.

Paul said...

Great story Tin.

The crest would be great on a blazer.

I'll toast at 17:00 with Vodka and Tonics as it is sweltering HOT here. (My pool is actually too warm now).

As always a great Friday belt. Would you consider a bar book - collection of Friday Belts. I can see it casually set on a table in sir's "drinking room" for guests to muse.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

i like her belt

Anonymous said...

Salute! ME

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Had a Black Velvet last weekend (champagne and Guinness). Will try the Regimental Cocktail soon. How do I order it? Wink at the bartender and ask for a "69?"

ADG said...

Tin....finally a belt that I want. Drop it off with Puerto.

tintin said...

John Patrick George- Sounds good to me. I like Bolli a lot but you may wanna go 3 parts champers to 1 part Irish whiskey - - at 2 to 1 it's a little feisty.

Anon- I think it's horse shit.

james at 10 - That actually sounds pretty good.

Skorp - We just barked like dogs when I was in the Army. I remember calling a staff sergeant, buddy. He looked at me and said, "Tintin, do I eat shit and bark at the moon?" "No." I said. "Well then don't call me buddy." Jamesons should work very well with champers or a cava.

Paul - nothing like a warm pool in FL. Like sitting in a big bath tub. I'll pitch the Belts book to Taschen but I gotta figure out to get naked women in it for the slam dunk.

Anon 13:46- Love that vid. Thanks for sharing. If I knew I could find enough belly dancing vids I'd change this series to, Friday Belts and Belly Dancing.

ME - Try not to be so verbose.

Tessa- I was thinking about that. But when I was in the Army, the Black Hats at Ft Benning told us it was no longer 69 but 88. He 8. She 8. Still, I think it sounds better to ask for a Fighting 69.

ADG- It's yours. But you'll have to but the first round.

Anonymous said...

Tintin: if I remember I will post another "belly dancing" (bollywood) link next friday. You take of the belts and drinks, I'll provide the nacha girls :)

Anonymous said...

take care of, that is...

heavy tweed jacket said...

Great Press belt. The other belt sounds great but impossible to do tonight. I'll have to make do with Tokyo Porter.

Michael Rowe said...

I love the fact that you correctly identified it as a coat of arms and not as a "crest," which drives me up the wall whenever I hear it.

jrb1013 said...

Getting married September 19th our toast will be the 69th Toast, To Garryowen and Glory!


BTW Mike, Army Heraldry identifies them as Unit Crests sorry if our jargon offends you! Actually since we wear them we can call them what we want!