22 April 2009

Hermes Abduction Deux

Being attacked by a bunch of French women in an Hermes store may seem impossible to you but as this Mylene Farmer video clearly reveals - - you don't want to piss off a French girl who can kick. I went back to Hermes this afternoon with the intent of showing those girls just who they were messing with. I was also going to ask the red headed leader of the mob to lunch. An olive branch held out between our countries and my love of so many things French...plus it would be a great opportunity to find out the employee discount.

Rather than "ze bow tie", I thought it best to wear another Hermes favorite. A unique pastel shade of green -- it really is my Spring go to cravat for serious business. Not a fan of lapel paraphernalia but I thought the Commendation Medal lapel button might communicate a maturity and discipline I don't really have. Civilians are such easy suckers when it comes to these things.

Anyway, with shoulders back and gut sucked in, I marched up to the red head who had initiated the "ribbon-ing" and asked if we might have a few words in the back. She looked at me like she didn't even know me. In fact, all of the other women from yesterday's assault ignored me as they folded, stacked and retail-ed. I sadly turned and left... a small piece of Hermes 2005 ribbon trailing from my trouser leg. Guess it's true about striking while the iron is hot.


skorpeo said...

dispair not, tintin. you are not the first, nor will you be the last, to fall victim to fickle french fads. the last american who had any luck with the feminine gaul was ben franklin, and he had to discover electricity to secure his place on the A-list.

The_Casual_Mercenary said...

Well, that's too bad, I had high hopes about how this would end or continue.

Anonymous said...

That video: the late Bruce Lee meets...Helmut Newton? Only the French. And only you could find that!



Andrew said...

How about some commentary on when the medal lapel pin is acceptable? I got no Hermes ties yet...but I do have an ARCOM.

tintin said...

skorpeo- Very insightful.

The Casual Merc- Me too!

DB- Farmer has another vid out there that's almost a movie complete with authentic uniforms from the Seven Years War and some very tasteful nudity.

Andrew- I must admit to having associated the wearing of military decoration lapel buttons as somewhat "old man-ish" but I'm getting to be an old man so there ya go.

I see the ARCOM every now and then on a lapel. Some places more frequently than others. I met a ex-Marine officer at the Union Lg Club in Phila and he always wore his...NACOM? In short, I'd wear it with a suit or blzr any damned time you want. There's too few of us out there. We need to remind those who never served - - they never served. I'm looking forward to wearing mine when I meet David Mamet.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Frenchies, sheesh. They are obviously holding out for a Meritorious Service Medal or maybe even a Legion of Merit.

I recall on a couple of occasions meeting old guys (Korea or WWII vintage) with Silver Star pins. Impressive.