26 May 2013


'Morning Prep' by Robert Bates, USMC

Ron Capps, retired Army and Foreign Service officer and currently director of the Veteran's Writing Project, asked if he could use my story, 'The Indian Chief,' for the Spring issue of the VWP's literary journal, "O-Dark-Thirty." Having no idea who Capps or the VWP was, I did some digging and was surprised by what I found -- An organization dedicated to publishing stories by military veterans, their family members as well as free writing seminars, many offering free travel to and from.  The web site is here and the Spring issue of the journal is here.


Anonymous Texan said...

Heard all this growing up & working in the oilfield since 1970. Interesting how the military & oilfield are similar. Most of my bosses were U.S.A.-U.S.M.C Infantry, Airborne, & Naval
Aviator.Old School WW II & Korean War vintage.Characters with character. Ironass..glad that I had
the opportunity of working for them. Enuff said.

Brohammas said...

great venue to be published in. Congrats.

W. Essex said...

uh oh - did you really get fired from your sweet, sweet insurance job?

tintin said...

W Essex- I did. Do you really work in Tobyhanna?

shore leave said...

this painting takes me back... i remember sleeping on the first aid stretchers in the back.