02 December 2012

Trad Xmas List: Flor Rose Prosecco & French Kissing in the USA

Flor Rose Prosecco : Not for your typical Commie

As vulgarity and coarseness become substitutes for wit and taste, it's important to remember that while the Cold War losing Russians & Chinese are buying up most of Manhattan and all reserves of Krug and Cristal, wine doesn't have to be expensive to be rich.

It's been said the Soviet Union went broke trying to keep up in the Cold War. That might stem from a poor judgement of value. The best car, the best tailor, the best art, the best missile system... like a newly minted Lotto winner, the Commies always associate the best with expensive.

A quick aside.  I went to a party on Park Avenue -- Somewhere in the 70's. You know... the private elevator, 15 rooms, flowing halls...striking. The owner, with homes in Beverly Hills and Palm Beach, sold his company for stock to a much larger competitor.  Problem was he couldn't sell the stock for five years.

As the stock price tumbled south, he called the new owner. "Look, you gotta let me sell some of this now before it goes even lower."  Instead, the owner just offers more stock. This fella tells me that reluctantly he takes more stock.

 Laughing hysterically, next to his grand piano, he raises his left arm and points to the ceiling while a $22 plastic Swatch sneaks out from under his shirt cuff, "Just as the five years comes up," he says, "Up the stock goes and it just keeps going up!" I watch his Swatch as he jabs it at his ceiling, "Up! Up! Up!"

A ten million dollar pile on Park and the guy's wearing a plastic Swatch. I know a Manhattan hipster who owns four watches worth $200,000, and he rents...in Little North Korea.

This guy probably serves Flor Rose Prosecco (availability here). At $17, it comes in an even more impressive magnum for around $28. That's a lotta holiday value for the buck. Served chilled, it's refreshing and bubbly soft with a grown up after taste that contrasts against prosecco's typical viridity. If champagne is like sex (and it is), then Flor Rose is a lot like French kissing. Not in China or Russia, but here...in the USA


Anonymous said...

Please, tell me that was not a Caddy shack reference. Or did I just watch that film too many times as a young man that I hear those quotes everywhere?

tintin said...

Douglas- Caddy Shack? Here? You're pulling my leg.

Anonymous said...

Tintin, I apologize. Too many 19th holes as a young man. No wonder the Rabbit Club rejected me.

The flowing robes, the grace, bald...striking...Carl Spackler

tintin said...

Douglas, You have an ear for meter. I didn't think anyone would catch it.

Anonymous said...

Hey people who want to be noticed all the time complicate everything. But the guy with the money Swatch, he just wants someone to notice the irony. Like how Bill Clinton used to wear a cheap Timex Indiglo when he was the prez.


Main Line Sportsman said...

"Big hitter..the Llama..."
Black-balled by The Rabbit? You must be from my venue if you even know that Club.

Alice Olive said...

Love the light in this image. Perfect for rose.

initials CG said...

Tin... dude, you write well.

I know I told you before, but I'll say it again...

I read this, like three times. I didn't laugh. I didn't cry. I didn't even fucking fart!

I just relaxed and enjoyed the piece each time.


Anonymous said...

MLS, I met a Rabbit club member once. As I recall, it went something like this:
RC: I'm having a party at the Club this Sunday. What are you doing this Sunday?
Me: No plans.
RC : Great! How would you like to mow my lawn?


tintin said...

Douglas- It's people like you who keep me sane.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Well Douglas..The world needs ditch diggers

And the "Shack" references just keep on comin'