19 December 2012

Trad Xmas List: Carroll & Co Cashmere Sweatshirt

Full disclosure-  I have a huge prejudice against most things California.  Whenever I see a Los Angeles address for a PR pitch, I delete it without reading it. Why?  Because I know it will have something to do with celebrities and I don't give a shit what sunglasses or t-shirt a celebrity wears much less what magazine cover they're gonna be on. What really amazes me is why so many people do care.

Carroll & Co Wall of Cashmere

John Carroll, third generation owner of Beverly Hills haberdasher, Carroll & Co., isn't all that crazy about naming his celebrity customers and that's refreshing.  The 48 year old self proclaimed traditionalist does want you to know that, while his tailored clothing (suits) business is down, casual sportswear is up. Way up.

Keep it simple

Unique, at least to me, is Carroll's cashmere sweatshirt.  Knitted in Hawick, Scotland, Carrol has been selling 32 colors of his contrarian cashmere for 30 years.  At $450, its become something of a collectable among his regular customers and I think it's over due for some East coat exposure.

Mama warned me about girls like Evelyn

Color selection is generous but I'd prefer white -- With jeans and dark brown suede paddock boots -- I think it's something Clint Eastwood's character in the actor's 1971 directorial debut, Play Misty for Me, might wear cruising Hwy 1 south of Montery in his convertible Jaguar with Donna Mills at his side and Jessica Walter waiting for them both in Carmel...Poor Jessica was robbed... robbed, I tell you,  from a Golden Globe by Jane Fonda in Klute that year...not that I'm, uh... into celebrities. 

Carroll & Co.
425 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Phone Orders:  (888) 331-9060


Main Line Sportsman said...

Celebrity worship and the TV and Magazine blather it engenders makes me puke. Pseudo celebs like the Kardashians et al make me sad for American culture in general while puking.
One of these fine cashmere numbers may make me forget for a while.

Anonymous said...

"Get off my back, Evelyn."

Yeah, that's an understatement. The dialogue and acting is so wooden. But it's hard to improve on those sweaters.

I want to know who does Clint's hair.


tintin said...

Main Line- Just don't puke on it.

DB- I've been trying to get my hair to do that for 40 yrs.

Alice Olive said...

Ha! Great post and great, uh, non appreciation of celebrity culture.

tintin said...

Alice- If I see Bradley Cooper on another magazine cover I'm gonna puke.

Anonymous said...

What appears to be genuine sweatshirt styling in cashmere... what's not to like.

I am a huge fan of raglan sleeves. I don't know why we don't see more of them.

Harris Reiss said...

Its always amazed me that Beverly Hills, with its high-style and everything new-new, has supported a great East Coast style shop like Carrol and Co.

Enzo AGC said...

We do these almost every season, for closer to a G...I'd say stick with Carroll's.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Carroll getting some appreciation. One of the few "traditionalists" left in LA. All that's missing is the tartan holiday gear in the front windows. Definitely worth a break from celebrity spotting.

LPC said...

Come to the San Francisco Bay Area. The "real" California.

Andrew said...

I have a huge prejudice against the NY prejudice against LA.

Celebrities, PR, fashion, rich kids, inherited wealth, Eurotrash...NY has FAR MORE OF IT than LA does. Read the front page of the NY Post. Talk to Donny Trump and Kelly Ripa and then lecture LA on its superficiality.

The NYC impression of LA is as predictable as an Austrian's anti-semitism or the love of the Palestinians as practiced by Hizbollah. It always comes up. It is a cliche, and tiresome.

I've lived in both NY and LA, and LA is far greater and far more interesting than Beverly Hills. Come here and walk around and take the train and visit the ethnic neighborhoods and stop the LA bashing.

It dates you.

tintin said...

Andrew- I'm not dated - I'm ancient.