16 November 2012

Two Foxy Sweaters - Only One Has Soul

Christopher Fischer Fox Sweater in Cashmere

Trad Needlepoint Fox Sweater in Cotton

I like mine better. From The Trad Archives, 27 April 2009

"My ex sister-in-law needle pointed this sweater as a wedding gift almost 21 years ago. I'll always remember her even though we haven't spoken since the divorce. I'll think about the superficial nature of clothes and then I wear this Fox on a Spring afternoon and am taken back to a time that no longer exists and to people I no longer know. The soul of something hand made with the power to take me back in time never ceases to amaze me."


Alice Olive said...

You had me at the sight of long legs.

Having had the good fortune to actually witness this sweater in real life, I am amazed at the quality.

I like the personal story to it, too.

David Carney | Oki-ni Store said...

Nice post! Things with sentimental value to us are really powerful in the sense they take us back to the past. BTW, the way it's handcrafted is exquisite.