14 November 2012

FIT Ivy Symposium: Ivy in Japan

I'll be honest. I watched  Dr. Masafumi Monden's presentation with jaw dropping amazement last Friday at FIT's Ivy Symposium. Whenever I look at anything through a different set of eyes... what was common and every day turns into something new and in this case, damned near magical.

The other night I dreamed I was a dog hanging out with a bunch of other dogs who were my friends.  We were having a blast running around with our tongues hanging out.  I woke up and had new respect for what's it like being a dog.  I'm not sure if that makes any sense to you.  Music might be more accessible.  Masafumi turned me onto a new 'GS' band, The Wild Ones.    

You can hear a sample of  Japanese Group Sounds or GS here (@5:50 in there's a cover of the Beach Boy's, 'Surfing USA). I hear some friends outside barking so in the event you do enjoy looking at things through a different set of eyes, I leave you with this sweet biscuit...


Makaga said...

That tsume'eri / bankara slide was eye-opening to me. I never thought about the Japanese transition from kimono to Western dress as dealing with the inner self before. Thank you for sharing it, Tintin.
....It's always saddened me that we are approaching more and more of a homogenous global style.
I have this notion that traveling abroad used to be filled with citizens wearing their country's native dress, whether that be Kimono, Kilt, Suit, Thawb and so forth. That you could proudly display your heritage and place, and respectfully acknowledge the other cultures, was something that somehow could bring us closer.
Have you ever had experiences like this in your travels, Tintin?

Anonymous said...

I always wondered about the Japanese Trad connection. Thank you for sharing this.

Leonardo Flores said...

Nice mention the Wild Ones, a group that is still touring today.

Didn't know about the Men's Magazine from 1955.