29 November 2012

M Mischianza

From left (reclining) Kevin Doyle; (center row) Lacey Doyle, Duncan Christy, Jayne Christy, Kent Black; (rear row) Christina Lynch; Mark Ganem; Kathleen "Kat" Butler, Margo Hammond, Lynette Cortez, Dennis Freedman, Tom Moran

From left (front row) George Chinsee, Steve Pomper, Dennis Freedman, Jayne Christy holding Elizabeth Christy; (rear row) Tom Moran, Kat Butler, John Jarvis, Kyle Ericksen, Malena Black, Kent Black, Kevin Doyle, Robert Bryan, Duncan Christy, Glenn Plaskin

This is only gonna make sense if you're at the Katie Murphy Ampitheatre on FIT's campus (Northwest Side of 7th Avenue at 27th Street) tonight at 6PM.  And even then...I'm not so sure. 


Anonymous said...

Yup, nope, it doesn't really. But I'd be intrigued to see how it all gets strung together. Wish I could be there. Are you speaking?


Makaga said...

It was a fun presentation last night. Thanks, Tintin.

tintin said...

DB- It was last night and you were sorely missed.

Makaga- Thanks for coming out. I know I had some decent competition.

Alice Olive said...

I wish I'd been there!