06 June 2012

Bacardi in Metropolis - 1934

Metropolis, An American City in Photographs, 1934

1 1/2 ozs. light Bacardi Rum
1/2 oz. lime juice
1 teaspoon grenadine

"Shake well with ice. Strain into prechilled cocktail glass. The proprietary name Bacardi, a rum originally distilled in Cuba but now made in Puerto Rico and other Spanish-speaking lands, has long been the title of this classic sounding rum cocktail." Playboy's Host & Bar Book, 1971

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Anonymous said...

My father grew up right next to the Bacardi factory in P.R. This was in the 1920s and 1930s.

If you want to sound like you know the brand, say "Bac-ar-DEE" with the accent on the back end. Points if you can roll the "r" off your tounge.


KSB said...

And here I was hoping for a post on Fritz Lang and rum....

Roomy Khakis said...

If you pronounce Bacardi correctly, with the stress on the final syllable and a rolling r, most bartenders won't know what you're asking for. The decline and fall of civilization.

Alice Olive said...

Love the look of Metropolis.