21 June 2012

Clip Ons

A coincidence? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

So cool. Clip-ons would last much longer than the cheap ass ones of today. The rims were even gold electroplated so they wouldn't tarnish. No polared lenses though, but the green tint was nice.


Dutch Uncle said...

For some of us, in the same league as clip-on bowties.

randall said...

To old D.H. Lawrence.

Whenever I take a slug off a bottle I do that arm flap thing...virtually no one knows what the hell I'm doing.

Oyster Guy said...

Clip-ons were steampunk before anyone even knew what that was.

tintin said...

DB- James Dean did the same type frame with clip ons. Makes a lot of sense if you wear glasses. No need to carry 2nd pr. Clip ons are cheap if you lose 'em. I heard James Dean lost a pr of clip ons at the cafe in MOMA. It's true.

Dutch Uncle- You mean morons?

randall - I agree. Very popular when I was in the army. Second only to being offered a bottle in the field, saying no, handing over your .45 and adding, "Only if you hold a gun to my head." Which reminds me. Someone ought'a hold a gun to Dutch Uncle's head.

Oyster Guy - Steam what?

Harris Reiss said...

Easy Rider into The Last Detail on TCM

cc said...

steam punk - you know, the precursor to steam new-wave.

Oyster Guy said...

Really? I woudah thought you were hip to the scene daddy-o


Trailer Trad said...

Since I can't get rid of my 15 year old Liberty Optical hornrims, this is the route that I want to take.

Trailer Trad