17 June 2012

Between a Father and a Son: Madras or Marinade

July 3, 1988

He didn't have much use for my madras sport coat. But, he started me on the road to a flank steak marinade that always reminds me of his grilling aesthetic. Mostly soy sauce. A cup or two. A glug of bourbon or two. Pour over a scored flank steak for at least six hours. Overnight is even better. In the years that have gone by, I've added a tablespoon of toasted sesame oil and a teaspoon of powdered wasabi. But the soy and bourbon are the guts. Madras will come and go but his grill is eternal.


Anonymous said...

Add just a bit of lime juice, too. Little acid will bring it all together.

Anonymous said...

Great photo. My father-in-law makes a flank steak that we drool for. But I'll have to ask if he adds bourbon. Hmm, sounds nice. Yours, too.


Anonymous said...

Look at your Dad in the previous post and your facial in this one. The way you both hold your head and the Tintin smurk....ME

GSV JR said...

since you're already using soy go ahead and use ricewine vinegar. keep it "oriental."

i love the madras sportcoat but never look right in one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tin. Sounds like a good one. I grilled a London Broil for my old man for Father's Day. I'll definitely try this the next time we grill.

GSV: would you still add the bourbon with the ricewine vinegar? If so how much vinegar? One part to two or three parts soy sauce?


Anonymous said...

Great jacket!!

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GSV JR said...

naw, i'd use sake, but wtf, this is phred's recipe, and I never measure anything.

Anonymous said...

you may wanna photo shop those pleats out, bub
great coat

Anonymous said...

Thanks GSV. I'll use good judgement and a few glugs of whatever hooch I have around.