22 June 2012

Fatal White Encounters

CNA Producer School, Spring, 1993

If I hadn't gone into insurance I might be alive today.


Enzo AGC said...

There are some really bad ties in that mix.

Donald said...

Those ties from the 1990s were something! Something awful, mostly. And I had my share of them. Gave them to my brother, and he still wears them.

Thanks for your blog; I really enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Or you might have been "artsy." A friend once told me that what you do is not what you are.


In The Littoral said...

Bottom row, far left (our left), it looks like Bruce McGill snuck into the pic.


Ben said...

Facial hair. Discuss.

tintin said...

This was all GQ and Esquire's fault.

Trailer Trad said...

As recent events have illustrated, financial types are some of most creative people around!

Trailer Trad

Anonymous said...

A Must for the Mod in you