18 May 2008

Trad Orange & Green

Summer is about color. So is Fall, Winter and Spring but this is when you can knock it out of the park. Which reminds me...I work in sales and every manager I've ever had (except for a woman) used horrible sport metaphors (like, knock it out of the park) in order to motivate me so I could pay their mortgage. I'm not going there today. Maybe some other time.

I love Orange and Green. I must admit, I never gave it much thought until I saw, "The Tall Guy." Emma Thompson (hubba - hubba) played a nurse who was in a relationship with Jeff Goldblum. I think I speak for every woman in the world (or those whom I've dated), that Jeff is a creepy guy. Maybe. But I liked him in this off beat British comedy. Any screen writer who manages to insert a musical based on the Elephant Man is a genius in my book.

So, Emma tells Jeff on his first visit to her place, that her favourite colours are Orange and Green. You know, in that wonderful, clipped accent of hers. And then they have wild sex. That scene alone is worth the purchase of this movie. As I watch them having wild sex...I thought about the colors of Orange and Green. I think about colors at church. In meetings. Stuck in traffic. Anytime I'm really bored. Not that I was bored with the sex scene. It's pretty easy to follow.

Next comes the clothes hunt. Long story short... I have three orange shirts (two stripes and one check) and half a dozen green ties. What can I say, The Tall Guy was a long time ago. I bring this up for one major reason. Pink and Green. It's such a cliche now. Like owning a Lab and a Jeep in Lake Forest. Try out Orange and Green. Goes great with a Blue Blazer and khakis...even better, with white ducks and white (banged up) bucks. I'm not a big fan of the pocket square but if you are...leave it at home. This speaks pretty loudly. No reason to fop it up.


longwing said...

tintin, You're on a roll. Nice post. I'll have to check out the tall guy. Is that they one where they make him look really, really tall on the box? I didn't know emma t. was in that. She used to be so hot and now she gets frumpy rolls. too bad.

You remind me that a couple of months ago I was thinking hard about those orange seersucker shorts at press. I may have to pull the trigger. And a green polo shirt. The pool opens this weekend and longwing likes nothing better than turning the young mama's heads.

tintin said...

Thanks, LW. You're rolling as well. Like the pool idea. What is with men our age (I've made the assumption we're close together in age) wearing ludicrous Capri shorts, baseball caps and flip flops? And the tshirts?! Although, I did find a nice T from Entourage with this Ari-ism, There's no "us' in me.

Alice Olive said...

Great post! Dare I suggest orange and purple? I like it from time to time. Actually this takes me back to the 80s when I had a pair of orange and black striped shorts which I paired with a purple man's shirt - I thought it looked fabulous. I have to be in the mood but I still like the two colours together.