07 May 2008

"The" Trad Catalog

Some months ago I discussed these very catalogs with a senior type from Press. He said they had found tons of them during the recent move from 44th St. I said, "You should gather them all up and publish them in a book. Same size as the catalog. Soft cover. It would sell like crazy." He looked at the floor and shrugged his shoulders. Couldn't be less interested. What was it Butch told Sundance? "I got 20/20 vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals."

These are from a great blog, The Continuous Lean. Go check it out. Some fascinating Charlie Rose interviews with Micky Drexler and Alan Flusser plus other Tradly items and pursuits. Go here: for more images and hi res scans.

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3button Max said...

great post-and I will make it a point to see them on Continous Lean. Pity that Press wouldnt have an archivist that would care about preserving any of these-(or that particular salesman didnt care) at maybe Dave wilder at Press NYC would. You could see the Press offerings in old New Yorker ads(pretty small) -this kind of brings them to life.