26 May 2008

Trad Memorial Day

Two great views. One outside and one inside.

The outside view: What's that old saying? Oh, yeah. "What do you call two boats on the water? A race." So, we had a race over the weekend. Lots of tacking and scrambling around on the deck. A beer. Sit on the bow. A beer. The captain thought beer kept his crew from getting nervous. Hence, the offer for a beer was stated as, "You nervous?" I answer, "Uh, yeah." And suddenly there's a cold beer in your hand. Lots to be nervous about in a boat race.

The inside view: That's the club house. They call it a Yacht Club but who's kidding who. We amble to the bar. And just as I'm ready to order another "nervous" I see a six pack of Barritts Ginger Beer. "Holy Crud!" I lean over to the bartender. "You have any Goslings Black Seal Rum?" He holds his arms out like he's Jesus and says, "Of course. Although some people like the Barritts with Mt Gay Rum." I reply, "They're philistines." We had a number of Dark & Stormies (Barrits and Goslings with lime). We won our class. And I calmed down.


Alice Olive said...

Very funny! Sounds like a good long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Nelson Algren wrote this in 1959: Prescient? You judge. He never wore R. Lauren. Or so the story goes.

"Well Mickey I couldn't really say, ya know. I saw him at PJ's drinking with some brits...mustuv had one of his agincourt flashbacks again and headed headed off to Flanders green fields if you know what I mean."

tintin said...

What can I say. 16 years later and that story still has legs.

Wynona said...

Well written article.

tintin said...

Do I know you, Wynona?