04 March 2008

Trad German

While they even look good at the scrap yard (see below), there is something so beautiful about these cars when they've been cared for. The paint is so deep and the lines look like scupture. Why the Germans haven't taken their design genius for cars into clothing is a puzzle. They even came out with some pretty snappy uniforms a while back. Wonder what happened to the guy that designed them?


Alice Olive said...

Again, these are screaming out to be loving photographed in a geometric abstract way.

tintin said...

I agree. These were taken very quickly. Olive, you did inspire me to break out the D70. So much better than a phone camera but so much more complicated. Still, you've given me great motivation due to the photographs on your site.

Anonymous said...

The German designer you are referring to was none other than.......Hugo Boss!!! He was commissioned by the Furher himself. Just as Ferry Porsche was to build the Volkswagen, Boss did the SS uniforms. Hence it's very military design influence over the years.

tintin said...

I was sure you were pulling my leg...but you're not. And he used forced labor no less.

Never was a fan of Hugo Boss but the old man must of had the Rock of Eye...he even did the Hitler Youth stuff.

I think only the Italians in WWII could better those Boss uniforms. I'm very fond of the headgear with the plummage. Snappy dressers those Italians --but not very good at soldiering.

Dhr. DeLuxe said...

It was not Hugo Boss who designed the SS uniforms, it was his father who produced them. They were designed by Carl Diebitsch and Walter Heck.
Anyway, being a tall, slender European man, Boss hangs good on me and is very well made.
I also like Strellson: they do have some very nice Trad suits.
Oh, and don't forget Brax: especially their ribcord pants are a true (European) traditional.