04 March 2008

Trad Slippers

Trads use their own initials when going the monogram route. I'm not crazy about monograms on shirts. If you have to then something very small and discrete at the ribcage. Never script on the cuff. That's about as bad as it can get. I have my last name sewn onto my shirtfly by my tailor, Frank. But slippers scream out for a monogram. Not R.L. but your own. These are Shipton & Heneage. Not Lobbs. Hell, not even E. Green but they work. Worn at home with the rare venture outside in summer with tartan bermuda shorts and a white polo sans any logo. They do get looks. Even on 57th Street. I do wear these with a dinner jacket which explains why they're a little beat up. But beat up is very Trad.


Alice Olive said...

Great post! "Beat up is very Trad." I love this. I'm going to have to find a way to say this to someone at work today.

tintin said...

Hope you had a chance to use Beat up. Also, frayed, thread bare, worn thin, peeling, rusty, patina, dusty...all good words to describe Trad. The ethic is to hold onto crap until it falls apart.

My watch is 31 years old. Luggage- 20 years old. Cordovan wing tips-23years old. Timberland workboots-25 years old. Well, you get the idea.