17 March 2008

Airborne Trad

I'm walking up Lexington Avenue when I see these in the Stubbs & Wootton window. The old Airborne, "Death from Above" logo on a pair of linen slippers. The maroon beret signifies the Airborne or Paratrooper status. Oddly enough - - throughout the entire world. That's right. All countries signify their Airborne troops with a maroon beret. Nice to see the world can agree on one thing.

The skull is Death. And the wings are from US Army designed jump wings. Trad Airborne Slippers? No. They are not Trad. In fact, a Knish has a better chance at being Trad than these. I was in the Airborne and I find these repulsive. Those who will pay $395 for them in New York or Palm Beach will most likely have no idea what they are. The sales girl in NY certainly didn't know anything about them.

I find designer's impulse to "knock off" military patches and awards a lazy afront to those who "earned" them.

1 comment:

Alice Olive said...

I agree with your sentiments. Plus.... for me, military-inspired does not belong on a slipper. Slippers should have minimal adornments in my book!