13 July 2014

Until Next Year

Not as good as it was -- Better than it will be


Anonymous said...

UNC-TV's Exploring North Carolina: Ft. Bragg, In Perfect Harmony video.unctv.org/video/2365118044/ or if that don't getit Googler: exploring north carolina fort bragg Regards, Ta'er (not vaguely a propos of your OP)

Julia said...

I assume you're there and ignore you. Now you're gone and I want to know what you're doing.

After seven years, I finally found female trad hiding in plain sight. Female trad resides in 1950s and 1960s Home Economics books. You have to take out the sexist language, and add in minority culture, but the practical advice about the color wheel, good character and presenting your best self are all there. Hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

? www.port-magazine.com ? Ta'er