07 July 2014

Getz/Gilberto: Sounds of Summer, Spring 1964

Happy 50th.


Anonymous said...

I love this album! My dad played drums from his teens to about his 40s, and he had this album spinning almost every Sunday afternoon. In fact, he had two copies in case anything ever happened to one of them.

What really brings a smile to face is that my 4 year old son knows this album well because I play it so often (ok, it’s a CD, but that’s beside the point).

Thanks for making my morning,


Bruce Bright said...

Love, love this song and Stan Getz. Best jazz sax goin.

Anonymous said...

She looks so shy! Did you notice how those wavy shapes that she enters on, and that are hanging vertically on the sides, are the same as Rio's famous sidewalks? A nice touch.


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe that this standard is 50 years old! Helô Pinheiro, the
real girl from Ipanema, was a Playboy
Playmate in a 1987 Brazilian issue. She still looks hot today: