16 June 2013

Those Other Fathers

Tell me were you ever ever frightened
in the afternoons of life
Sitting in your home with closing eyelids
being someones else's wife
One who doesn't care 'bout you at all
only came when his hormones called
He'll never love you the way I do

You used to write me soft revealing letters
I always read them when they came
We stood beside the world in many matters
no one but ourselves where there to blame
And now in a meek but sudden mood swing
not even a thank you for everything
He'll never eat you the way I did

I think the world will always need the cryer
Lonely people seldom mend
Some remain strangers to themselves
still they cross the earth for a friend
If you think you cannot love me till the end of time
with a life not far from mine
No one knows you the way I do

Doris Days, The Cryer

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