15 June 2013

About 25 Years Ago - Lene & Penny

Jet black hair, black leather mini-skirt and turtleneck.  She wore zipper silver studs. She stood in line at the General Anthony Wayne movie theater and bitched to a friend about how bad "Last Night" was. I liked the movie but couldn't help but be impressed with her rich observations...Suddenly, I didn't like Last Night anymore.

We dated.  She was an artist.  I worked in insurance.  An odd couple.  Me, in chalk stripes and rep tie. She, in silver zippers. We split up 25 years ago... and recently ran into each other.  On the internet.  She has a blog.  I have a blog.

When I read her stories today, I'm reminded of that night in the movie theater and of how women can change a man's mind with their perspective.  I think about how women like Penny have changed my mind about a lot.  Is she a pro?  At this point... I know.  


Anonymous said...

Welcome back

Smitty said...

If you want a woman bad enough, you will agree more often than not with whatever her opinion. Common Tin, you you with me?