29 June 2013

Briar Vintage in Philadelphia

62 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, 215-627-1990

Neckwear ranges from $16-$60 depending on age/condition/rarity

1920s/30s cotton bathing suit Size 36- $225.00

Beaver Top hat Size 7- $175.00

Bermuda Jacket Size 40- $120.00

Frosh Hat Size 6&5/8- $35.00

1920s Sunglasses- $85.00

White Bucks 9.5D- $45.00

1950s Gulf medium work shirt and cap cover set-$250.00

1960s Izod Medium sweater- $55.00

1960s Madras Sport Coat Size 46- $68

Early Willson Tortoise Shell w/ Leather Driving Goggles- $250

1940s/50s "U" Football Jersey/Letterman Sweater Size M- $125.00

To Hell with Hitler - Sold (Assorted Vintage Pin-backs run from $10-$60)

1876 Centennial Legion Coatee Size 32- $350.00

Top Hat same from previous

Philadelphia never fails to contradict. Among the narrow 18th century streets I love so much, there's been - since my first move here in '85 -  a hip element looking for their place somewhere between Philadelphia's blue blood and blue collar.   Briar Vintage is a good example.  Chock full of vintage apparel history for a relative steal compared to NYC, there's also the post WWII kit I wouldn't be caught dead in.

Still, there's plenty of hidden treasures in Briar Vintage -- Just like Philadelphia.  I've always said that if Richard Daley were mayor of Philadelphia, he would bring the city back from the dead.  Daley wouldn't do Briar Vintage and its owner, David  Lochner any harm.

This vintage place is begging to be discovered...When I was there, a couple women walked in and asked if there were women's clothing for sale.  "No," said David. And before he could say another word they were out the door.  I know what David was gonna say..."Would you just try this hat on." She would've looked spectacular in it.


Anonymous said...

Outrageous prices for stuff that one could easily find at a lot of New England thrift shops.

Brohammas said...

Blue bloods and blue collar; good line.
I go there just to hang out with David.

David V said...

Richard J. or Richard M.?

tintin said...

Anon- I agree. But you gotta go thru a lotta crap to find the gold in those thrift shops. David's price includes picking the good stuff -- I'm hesitant to use vet or curate since they're so over used and "picking" is more accurate a description.

Bro- David's a funny guy. I see the attraction.

David V- Not sure it matters.