02 June 2013

On A Road: Panty Hose for Men

North Michigan Avenue, 1993

Walsh and I cut through Henri Bendel on our way to a little Vietnamese place where you could get two entrees, soup and a drink for just under six bucks with tax. We were stopped dead in our lunch break by a display of panty hose. Black, white, red...all of it in wild designs and patterns on forms standing tall on a glass display counter. We stared wordless at the legs until Walsh broke the silence, "How much?" I looked down at a package and saw a sticker, "Fifty bucks." Walsh blew a respectful whistle.

We stared at the display for another wordless minute until Walsh said, "We should buy a pair for Stacy." Stacy worked in our Fine Art division and had great legs. "We could split it," I said as my neck started to tense up. Walsh said, "Shit, she'd probably sue us," and with that, we turned from the panty hose and walked to lunch. I had the double calamari.


Smitty said...

Good story Tintin. You reminded me of a Vietnamese restaurant in San Jose, CA. where I occasionally dined. Fitting name, "Saigon 75"

Anonymous said...

They are back and better than ever. Saks. ME.